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Waterjet portioning for even the smallest spaces

High Efficiency. Small Size.

The DSI™ 812 Compact Portioning System is the perfect solution for processors who need the high accuracy, energy efficiency, and high throughput of DSI waterjet portioning but lack the floor space for larger models.

No Space? No problem.

At under 2.5 meters long, and featuring the onboard JBT exclusive electric servo pump, the 812 can fit within the smallest footprint.


  • DSI Q-LINK™ Portioning Software creates a unique cut strategy for each individual piece of raw product to maximize yield and profits
  • Onboard scanner locates fat and determines shape, thickness and weight to create optimal cuts 
  • Computer positioned, high-pressure waterjets generate complex cut shapes while hitting weight and dimension targets
  • Computer controlled consistency improves product quality by driving down human error


  • Up to 70% less footprint requirement than similar waterjet portioners
  • Onboard waterjet pump optimizes floor space while using up to 40% less energy than equivalent hydraulic systems and there’s no need to build a separate pump room. 
  • Measures in at only 2368mm X 1657mm (93.2” x 65.3”) 480VAC


  • Everything you need without breaking the bank – a great option for small processors looking to automate portioning operations
  • With automation, processors can redeploy manual labor from portioning to more skilled areas of the plant. The 812 can reduce hand trimming resources by up to 10 positions in select applications*
  • In addition to labor savings, Improve your yield and bottom line with DSI-exclusive Q-LINK™ Portioning Software


  • Can be installed in as little as an afternoon and testing can begin within hours of installation
  • DSI’s Q-LINK™ operating system provides a streamlined user interface and allows personnel to change products in seconds.