Preserving food and beverage quality and extending shelf life through continuous or batch heat processing

JBT Container Sterilization, The Safe Choice

Sterilization is a hot topic. Quite literally, you’re harnessing the power of heat to make your products safer and longer-lived. It’s also a popular subject because it can be tricky to implement the right processes and machinery for your container sterilization needs. 

That’s where JBT reigns supreme! Our sterilization technologies are designed to deliver the optimal combo of lowest unit cost, quality preservation, and extended shelf life for your packaged products. Paired with our breadth of experience, you know getting the proper food and liquid sterilization set-up is a sure thing.

Our equipment starts with your filled and sealed non-sterile containers — with the non-sterile food or liquid inside. The product then passes through the sterilization processing line, concluding with a fully sterilized container and contents. Using this proven thermal processing, our equipment:

  • Makes low-acid food products (pH > 4.5) safe to eat and drink
  • Pushes that expiration date further out
  • Negates the need for product refrigeration
  • Increases product stability
  • Seals in nutrition, freshness, and flavor
  • Eliminates the need for unnatural additives for product safety and stability
  • Enables wide retail distribution
Rotary Pressure Sterilizer | JBT FoodTech
Rotary Pressure Sterilizer

JBT, With You Every Step of the Way

Whether you need one machine or 10 — a replacement unit to pop into your existing production line or a whole new production suite — JBT’s your answer. You’ll find we have an extensive inventory of sterilization solutions, likely with several options suited to your products and processes.

You’ll soon realize that the quality and variety of JBT’s in-container sterilizing equipment is a win for your business. Our wide range of world-class offerings means you can:

  • Conveniently equip your facility all at once
  • Deal with just one supplier
  • Tailor your manufacturing line to your needs
  • Mix and match brands to get exactly what you want
  • Replace individual components in your current production line
  • Nimbly adjust to product, operational, or regulatory changes
  • Smoothly scale your production

If that isn’t enough, JBT’s upgrade kits, parts, maintenance, and training are excellent add-ons. They make getting the most out of your sterilization equipment as close to effortless as possible. 

The takeaway here is that JBT can supply every piece of equipment that you require. You’ll end up with solutions that are perfectly customized to your products. Yet, you’ll discover that assembling your processing line can still be a simple, untaxing experience.

Better Engineering Means A Better Sterilization Process

You focus on quality and detail in your business. It’s natural that you’d demand the same from your suppliers and equipment.

JBT’s well aligned to that way of thinking. This shines through in our products because of the smart choices we’ve made, starting at the drawing board.

From concept to construction, JBT thoughtfully designs its equipment for sterilizing containers with you in mind. Your needs and challenges are the inspiration for all the features and functionality — like the ones below — that we’ve included.

  • Built with the best methods and materials
  • Integrates with other food processing machines
  • Customizability and configurability to your requirements
  • Reduced time to deploy
  • Requires less operator training
  • Longer service life
  • Higher resale potential

As a result of these capabilities, you can expect your JBT in-container sterilizer to save you time, money, and hassle.

Sterilization, Simplified

One significant path to cutting the difficulty and chaos in your production line? Opt for machines that are not only of the highest quality but also specifically meant for the product you’re crafting. It almost sounds too obvious to say — but it’s often overlooked as a viable means of streamlining operations.

High-functioning, well-picked equipment can go a long way towards resolving the challenges you encounter. Here’s how:

  • Automated processing
  • Push-button production changeovers
  • Simple, intuitive controls
  • Minimal training needed to use
  • Reduces opportunities for human error
  • Options to address your particular needs

JBT’s sterilizers make processing your product easier. They don’t stop there, though. Your trusty in-container sterilization machines make hitting your performance goals — like maintaining product quality, improving throughput, slashing downtime, and so on — simpler, too. It’s all part of owning our technologies.

Durable to the Core 

You’ve got orders to fill, ingredients to process, and workers to keep occupied. Machine outages are not part of your recipe for success. You need to know that your equipment will be able to crank out product from the moment you switch it on to the moment you power it down — every day. 

JBT’s fully aware of how unscheduled downtime can wreak havoc for your business. That’s why we make our machinery so heavy-duty. Our dedication to making the most reliable products — thanks to sturdy construction and the toughest materials — results in:

  • Easier maintenance
  • Lower ownership costs 
  • Minimal service issues
  • Minimal interruptions due to service issues

Features & Benefits

Sterilizing your food products with JBT technology is one smart move. With all the features packed into our machines, you can confidently ensure product safety. All these capabilities deliver an optimal mix of safe, accurate, and speedy processing.

  • Ease — Complete turn-key solutions available
  • Options — Choice of  batch or continuous processing configuration
  • ProfitabilityLowest cost per unit produced
  • Predictable — Yields consistent product safety and quality
  • Innovation — Full range of services to improve in-container processing and packaging techniques
  • Support — Global support staff to help as needed

Contact us today with questions about these features or how they can benefit your operations.

Hydromatic Hydrostatic Sterilizer

A Brand You Know & Trust

There are no two ways about it — you need robust machinery that won’t let you down. That’s why food producers like you look to brands that have conquered the tests of time and use.

When it comes to sterilization solutions, JBT is the global leader. We’ve made our mark in this industry by being consistently dependable. Having JBT on your processing line can help your business in countless ways, like:

  • Maximizing uptime
  • Operating safely and efficiently
  • Realizing cost and productivity advantages
  • Reducing waste

Comprehensive FoodTech Solutions

JBT does more than just sterilizing food. We provide a wide range of machinery for processing all kinds of products. In fact, we have offerings for markets like:

These sectors rely on JBT for a diversity of solutions for:

As you can see, JBT has everything you need before, during, and after each step.

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JBT, Your Ally in FoodTech

We have more than just machines in store for you. As an end-to-end product and service supplier, you really don’t need to look beyond JBT to satisfy all your food processing needs.. 

Focused on People & Needs

At JBT, you’re more than a sale to us — you’re a fellow producer. As such, forge a rewarding and enduring relationship with you is important to us. Having good rapport enables us to serve you more thoughtfully and holistically and offer the attention and respect you deserve.

We always strive to give you the most value for your time and investment. This is not only the right thing to do, it’s good business. And we hope to be collaborating with you for a long, long time.

Innovations Centers

Want to test out machines or production line set-ups, perfect your recipes and techniques, validate product safety and quality, or access technical expertise and data? You can do all that — and then some! — at JBT’s Research & Technology Centers and Process Technology Centers. More than just test kitchens or labs, these amazing facilities are a unique, stand-out bonus of working with us. They could easily give you an edge over your competitors.

Experts Within Reach

JBT’s been at the forefront of FoodTech for more than a hundred years. In this time, we’ve accumulated enviable experience. Take advantage of this! Let our knowledgeable employees be your go-to resource.

You get this superior level of support because running a food processing business can be tough and we don’t think you should have to go it alone. Oftentimes, a little extra help makes all the difference. Anytime you have questions, concerns, or requests — we’re here for you.