JBT-Stein M-Fryer

Stein M-Fryer

Our Stein “M” Fryer is the first of a new series of “direct” heated immersion fryers. In a direct heated fryer, the oil is heated […]

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Stein MX-MicroMax® Series Centrifugal Hot Oil Filter

Cooking oil is a key ingredient in coated products affecting both flavor and shelf life. Maintaining oil quality is a critical step in controlling overall […]

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Stein TFF THERMoFIN® Conveyorized Thermal Fluid Immersion Fryer

In 1993, we introduced the Stein THERMoFIN Fryer and revolutionized and significantly improved the process of conveyorized immersion frying. Since then, we have built and […]

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Stein FA Series Laboratory Fryer

Our Stein FA Series Pilot/laboratory Conveyorized Fryer is an electric, directly heated, oil immersion fryer developed for new product development and very small production runs. […]

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Stein SF Series Force Flow Hot Oil Filter

We developed the Stein SF-Series Force Flow filters to replace older style gravity fed paper filters. Our SF Series uses a unique woven stainless steel […]

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