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Our Stein “M” Fryer is the first of a new series of “direct” heated immersion fryers. In a direct heated fryer, the oil is heated directly in the fryer tank for superior temperature control and minimum oil volumes. We specifically engineered it to match the needs of global convenience food processors outside of the North American region. The “M” Fryer builds on the solid foundation of the proven THERMoFIN® technology, the leading choice of the world’s leading food processors. It delivers maximum output and operating economy with great product and process flexibility. The “M” fryer key features combine to provide many customer benefits like superior product quality, cost effective frying, flexibility, food safety, and operating safety.

Features & Benefits

  • Gentle Heat Transfer inherent to THERMoFIN technology reduces oil degradation
  • Electro polished heat exchanger fins keep the heat exchanger free of sediment build-up
  • Continuous sediment removal at the infeed end keeps oil clean and for high quality products
  • Internal filter system also aids maintaining clean oil and reducing the load on external filters
  • ProLINK enabled provides process automation


  • Available in two effective frying widths and four different lengths to match capacity needs
  • Electric or hydraulic drives
  • Available with thermal fluid or electric heating with the possibility of switching from electric to thermal fluid at a later date
  • CO2 or water mist fire suppression compatible
  • Single or double ventilation stack
  • Not available for purchase in North America