Fully customized solutions and control technology designed to optimize even most demanding production lines.

Our cutting-edge conveyor and control-systems technologies provide versatile, efficient conveying solutions to our customers and partners across all market sectors. From simple, flat-belt designs to multi-lane diverting formats, pack turning, and open lane indexing and filling systems, we have advanced, fully customized solutions that meet the specific demands of your production lines. 

Our passion for efficiency and optimization combined with our unwavering commitment to understanding the specific needs of all our customers and the challenges they face has made us the premier designers and manufacturers of conveyor machinery. The driving force behind our own success is our dedication to the success of our customers.

In addition to our range of state-of-the-art machine technology, we deliver superior support and service to help you reach your business goals. Our expert Project Management team is available to help you assess the requirements of your production lines and ensure you realize the most efficient conveyor solutions to give you the competitive advantage in the sector(s) you serve.

High-Tech & Integrated Solutions

Reliable and customizable conveyor technology is essential to ensuring consistent, efficient, and high-quality output. Our modernized technology minimizes the potential for human error and provides you with the safety and reliability you need to ensure that your processing line runs smoothly and efficiently, while also giving you integrated customization options and providing you high-tech solutions for your individual industry needs.

Our cutting-edge designs are also fully customizable and compatible with other machinery, allowing filled trays to be fed through a fully automated streamlined system. You know your industry better than anyone, and our machines are ready to assist you in achieving your business goals by providing you with consistent, reliable, high-quality solutions.

Proseal OC Conveyor

Features & Benefits

Efficiency and dependability is the name of the game when it comes to commercial food processing. Our range of intelligent conveyor solutions is designed to integrate seamlessly with auxiliary equipment such as tray denesters, fillers, and multihead weighers.

With our diverse range of conveyor options, you’ll get:

  • Efficient, hygienic, and precise movement of your product
  • An interface built for usability
  • Specialized equipment designed to suit customer specifications
  • Centralized control of the entire production line through Proseal equipment
  • A flexible and dynamic control system allowing for endless product configurations

Maximized Cleanliness & Hygiene

The products in our diverse range are designed to address the concerns associated with traditional conveyor technology. For example, our open chain (OC) Conveyor reduces the potential for food traps and allows for simpler and more rigorous washing. The OC Conveyor  can also be equipped with ultra-hygiene specifications to ensure that your production line is as hygienically sound as possible.

Trusted Brand

As a committed leader in technological innovation, our trusted brands make it their mission to live up to this reputation. Proseal produces unprecedented machines that break new ground and blaze new trails in all aspects of tray sealing and production-line technology. Proseal has made a name for itself in global food markets, allowing for high-volume production and consistently fresh results across food industries. Proseal knows that its technology should reflect its customers’ production and market needs and create comprehensive, simplified, and innovative solutions at every stage.

Proseal Logo

Related Products

Our extensive range of advanced food-tray conveyor and filler machines is designed with customization and diverse needs in mind. Our solutions are available in multiple configurations and designed to integrate seamlessly with your auxiliary equipment for a truly customizable user experience. For example, this latest version of Proseal’s OC Conveyor includes a modular design that allows customers to specify length, width, and tray pitch for precise and streamlined integration into your existing production line.

The industry experts in our Project Management team can help you assess your needs and select the cutting-edge conveyor solutions that will help you optimize your processes and maximize your profits and impact.

JBT: Your Trusted Partner in FoodTech

For over a century, JBT has been breaking down barriers and pushing the limits of what is possible in food-processing technology. As a trusted brand and industry leader, our reputation relies on producing superior products that continuously revolutionize automated processing, as well as maintaining collaborative and productive partnerships with our diverse clientele. 

You know your industry better than anyone, and JBT has the expertise and determination to provide comprehensive and targeted solutions at every stage.

Proven Solutions, Innovative Technology

JBT has built and maintained a reputation for excellence in FoodTech solutions. That’s because we never stop innovating and revolutionizing our existing machinery to make it even better. Our expansive collection of equipment and machinery is always growing. We maintain a focus on versatility, user safety, and product quality. We’re also committed to providing superior customer service and support to help you reach your goals. With JBT, you’ll have the ability to:

  • Browse an expansive and diverse catalog of cutting-edge equipment
  • Customize production designs and operations to meet your needs
  • Trial and incorporate machinery from a range of different brands to optimize your production lines
  • Replace individual equipment parts and components to keep your processes running smoothly and efficiently.
  • Access personalized support products and services, including upgrade kits, parts, service and maintenance, and training.

A Trusted Name Across Markets

At JBT, we know how to provide solutions across varied markets and industries. Our experience working in various sectors has given us the knowledge and expertise to work seamlessly with our partners around the globe. Throughout our long history, we have leapt into the future, utilizing our innovation, creativity, tenacity, and strong alliances to revolutionize food processing in a diverse range of markets, including:

Our People-First Philosophy

At JBT, we’re focused on building a better, more collaborative future. You’re more than a customer to us. You’re a long-term partner. Our success depends on your success, and we believe helping you reach your objectives is the best way for us to reach ours. We’re committed to clear and effective communication. We want to develop a thorough understanding of the specific challenges you face in your markets and industries so we can help you meet your goals.

By putting people and relationships first, we can provide the highest value for our partners and customers. By fostering these long-term relationships, we can continuously work to understand and serve you better over time.

JBT’s Centers for Research & Development

We’re so much more than a FoodTech equipment manufacturer. In addition to our broad collections of advanced food-processing equipment, we support innovation across industries by engaging with you and all our partners through our global Research & Technology Centers. Working with us, you’ll have access to these centers, which act as worldwide hubs of innovation in the food-processing space.

When you visit our R&T centers, you have coveted access to the most advanced food-processing data, equipment, technologies, and expertise in the world. You can test cutting-edge machinery, explore innovative new production-line setups, perfect your recipes and procedures, and validate product safety.

We’re More Than a Supplier; We’re a Partner

JBT’s expansive range of FoodTech solutions allows us to customize our offerings to meet your specific and unique needs. We don’t just manufacture top-of-the-line equipment; we’re actually invested in your company’s future. We offer comprehensive, ongoing support and guidance to our partners to help them succeed and thrive.

We take the time to understand your unique goals and provide customized solutions to truly make a difference in your supply chain. Contact us to learn more about our offerings and what we can do to help.