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Increasing throughput and profit while improving presentation with hygienic and flexible proofing, cooking, cooling, packaging, and inspection technologies

Bread & Pasta

JBT Pasta & Bread Making Machines, the Best Things Since Sliced Bread

Everyone loves bread and pasta, especially good bread and pasta. This is fueling more and more consumer demand for a broad assortment of fine breads, rolls, pastas, noodles, and more. It’s a lot for a producer to keep up with.

JBT removes the struggle from this equation, though. With our industrial bread baking and pasta-making equipment in your processing line, your business will enjoy more than just easier operations. You’ll likely see:

  • Increased throughput
  • Bigger profits
  • Improved product appearance
  • Greater production hygiene
  • More processing flexibility
  • Superior product quality

This is because JBT specializes in easy-to-own, high-yield solutions that enable efficiency and superb product quality. Bread and pasta manufacturers know that they can turn to JBT for the most-premium machinery for:

  • Proofing
  • chilling and freezing
  • Cooking
  • Packaging
  • Food inspection

Even better, as you’ve come to expect from JBT products, all our equipment — from our industrial bread slicer and industrial bread mixer to our granular fillers for stuffed pasta — is an incomparable value. You’ll experience:

  • Cost-effective production
  • Minimal machine cleaning and maintenance
  • Maximum equipment uptime
  • More precision and control
  • Better consumer and worker safety
  • Heavy-duty construction that’s able to endure the rigors of continuous use
  • Exceptional resale potential
  • The agility needed to respond to changes

With our excellent support and software rounding out your bread and pasta manufacturing line, you’ll have a truly comprehensive and unsurpassable setup. And, you’ll have the confidence that our offerings bring the quality, value, selection, and results your business seeks.

Features & Benefits for Industrial Bread Makers & Pasta Producers

Herbed focaccia without the herbs is just focaccia. Equipment without the generous sprinkling of features will also leave you wanting. That’s why JBT has infused so much functionality — to help you make foods quickly, accurately, and securely — into our machines.

  • Range — Can handle yeasted, laminated, sponge, pizza, flatbread, and other types of dough for extreme production and product versatility
  • Compact — Many models and options with small footprint deliver maximum throughput in minimal space
  • Expertise — Specialists in proofing, chilling, freezing, cooking, baking, sealing packaging, sanitizing, sterilizing, and inspecting food means greater product quality and safety and improved bottom line
  • Lucrative — Smart design elements enable more cost-effective processing (e.g., rapid-heat-removal freezing and pan-less baking)
  • Scale — High-volume in-line slicing to make popular pre-sliced, ready to use hamburger, hot dog, and sandwich buns and meet consumer demands
  • Extrusion — Able to produce heavy, sticky products (e.g., fruity granola bars) at volume for additional profit opportunities
  • Sellability — Enabling enhanced product freshness and presentation for more desirable goods that consumers will significantly more for
  • Adaptability — Able to process a variety of products
  • Customizable — Ability to tailor technology to meet your business’s specifications and increased success and profitability
  • Versatility — Can combine different equipment for countless manufacturing options
  • Extensible — Can add on equipment for additional processing
  • Innovation — Extensive testing capabilities to help facilitate product development
  • Sanitary — Hygienic design and construction for enhanced clean-ability
  • Safe — Industry-setting standards for both food quality and user-friendly equipment operation ensure consumer and worker safety
  • Support — Global support staff available to help

Have questions about these features or how they benefit your business? Reach out anytime.

What You Knead to Know — Better Equipment for Better Results

JBT equipment is created to mitigate and minimize challenges that are common to bread and pasta production. Our blend of cutting-edge research, user insights, and engineering skill to design exemplary products that are:

  • Well-built and rugged
  • Able to facilitate your operations
  • Boosting productivity
  • Cutting the operator training needs
  • Up and running sooner and easier
  • Truly addressing your requirements
  • Drawing on resources more efficiently
  • Helping you meet functional goals

As a result of our dedication to details and excellence, you’ll enjoy:

  • Minimal maintenance demands
  • Less frequent and less severe equipment issues
  • Fewer service outages caused by problems with your machines

In sum, working with JBT means you’ll have the best quality systems in place in your plant. The downstream effect is that multiple aspects of your business will experience meaningful improvements.

Everything You Require in One Convenient Place

Anything that smooths and improves your operations is likely a welcome addition to your business. You’re in luck.

Because of JBT’s quality and selection, outfitting your processing line — end-to-end — is a low-stress and streamlined endeavor. Not only will you find at least one or two pieces of equipment for every task — you’ll get the machinery that lets you cost-effectively craft superior products.

What’s this mean on the production floor and in the corner suite? It’s simple — you’ll be able to:

  • Save time, effort, and money buying from a single supplier
  • Have a production set-up configured to your exact specifications
  • Mix and match equipment brands to achieve the optimal processing line
  • Replace individual pieces of equipment without the hassle
  • Agility scale operations
  • Seamlessly respond to business changes

For the most value, you can incorporate JBT upgrade kits and parts, detergents and lubricants, and services and maintenance into your plan.

Ultimately, you’ll probably have to pinch yourself — not just the salt — to know that this is all true. JBT makes the whole affair of rolling out your production line as easy as rolling out dough.

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JBT, the FoodTech Partner that Rises to the Occasion

A fresh slice of bread or nest of noodles and JBT — it’s all you need. We offer you options galore and unbeatable service.

Our Better Business Paradigm

JBT prioritizes constructive working relationships. Our goal is to be your ally for both the near- and extended-term. It’s our way of showing that your business matters and that we want to be able to serve you even better so you get the maximum value out of our partnership.

Research & Innovation Hubs

JBT Research & Technology Centers are a perk you won’t find elsewhere. These amazing facilities enable you to explore equipment and production line options, perfect your recipes and processes, and connect with technical specialists and data. These are wins you won’t get from an ordinary test kitchen or culinary lab!

Tap into JBT Expertise

JBT’s been in the bread and pasta business for many decades. Along the way, we’ve learned and done a lot. This is a golden opportunity for you — make the most of our knowledge and experience!

With JBT as your go-to FoodTech resource, running your food production operations gets much easier. It’s why we insist on providing this next-level support to you. Anytime you need help, let us know.


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