JBT X59 Seamer

Our cutting-edge equipment locks in peak freshness and nutritional value, while ensuring the utmost food security.

JBT’s closing technologies span a broad range of applications for liquid, semi-rigid, and powder applications. Our cutting-edge equipment can process a variety of closure types, including double seam; foil, aluminum, or plastic; caps, TO, TOTO, PT, push-on, and screw; ROPP closure; and IHS seal.

Our state-of-the-art seamers and closers have set new standards in efficiency and food safety. Designed with convenience and reliability in mind, our machines produce consistent results with minimal labor and maintenance requirements. Whether you’re canning vegetables, dairy products, infant formula, or powdered beverages, JBT has the closing solutions you need to get the job done.

High-Powered Consistency 

At JBT we understand that reliability and predictability are essential to meet your production goals. When it comes to canned goods, there’s no room for error. That’s why we’ve prioritized not just quality of output, but also replicability and uniformity. The automated functionality of our machines puts the power in your hands without the risk of human error, allowing you to customize your operation at every step while also mitigating the risks that come with manual labor. You don’t just save time and money. You can also rest assured that your production line will supply a consistent, high-quality product that meets all standards of safety every time.

Features & Benefits

Our closing equipment is packed with features you’ll appreciate. All these capabilities make for food production that is consistently as rapid, accurate, and safe as possible.

  • Adaptability – Can integrate other machines for rinsing/decontamination and filling solutions
  • Extensibility – Can add on secondary equipment for further processing
  • Options – Several closing technologies – for food, beverages, and powder – available to accommodate a variety of food processing needs
  • Efficient – Increased yields with reduced product loss
  • Productive – High operating efficiency and minimum downtime
  • Sanitary – Superior hygienic design for easier and better cleanability and increased food safety and quality
  • Innovation – Extensive research and testing capabilities to optimize product development
  • Support – Global service, support, and resources

High-Tech Engineering

We’ve carefully and conscientiously engineered features and functionality to maximize productivity, extend machinery lifespan, maintain equipment value, and more. You get all this while still ensuring your product meets the highest food safety and quality standards and package integrity.

JBT has equipment for every task, and you can organize these machines into a full production line. Creating a bespoke, purpose-built solution for your food products could resolve many of the challenges you face.

Sanitary Design

Sanitation is of the utmost importance when it comes to running a smooth and efficient operation that protects the health and safety of consumers and workers. This dedication to providing reliable safety measures can be seen in every aspect of our designs, from lubricant protection that prevents spillage, to safety measures that eliminate the potential for external contamination, we have exceeded safety and hygiene standards at every level.

Easy Production Line Accomodation

Our extensive collection of equipment can be combined to create a reliable, high-tech production line. But our machines can also be introduced into your existing operation. With virtually endless customizable functions and flexibility of use, JBT’s modern designs will fit in seamlessly with your current line. This allows you to curate the perfect setup for your specific business goals.


At JBT, we thoroughly understand the downstream effects of production interruptions. That’s why our closing equipment’s made to withstand the test of time (and use). It’s rugged and constructed from the sturdiest materials.

JBT X59 seamer

Can Closer X-52 & X-59

​​​​​​Our high-speed seaming technology for liquid applications offers unparalleled user control with automated, safety-focused functionality.

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JBT SeamTec


JBT’s high-tech seamer for powder products highlights sanitation and safety as our highest priority by incorporating an exceedingly hygienic design while also increasing throughput quality and yield.

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JBT TwinTec 1

TwinTec™ Filler & Closer

The two-in-one filling and closing system creates excellence in simplicity, offering unprecedented integration between filling and closing, all while significantly reducing footprint and maintenance labor.

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JBT has the experience and technology to radically improve your operational performance and assist you in carving out a unique place in your industry. Enhance your capabilities and get access to our expert service and support by becoming part of the JBT family today.

JBT: A Recognized Leader in FoodTech

At JBT, we don’t make promises we can’t keep. Our reputation has been built on a solid history of technological innovation and reliable service as a trusted partner. For over a century, our company has forged new paths in FoodTech, redefining industry standards and practices in diverse global markets. We’ve spent our long and accomplished history developing a comprehensive understanding of how industries operate and the needs and goals of our partners. You know your business better than anyone, and our job is to listen carefully so that we can offer you the solutions that will allow you to rise to the top.

You have the power to reshape your approach with an entirely new production line or strengthen your current system with our top-of-the-line equipment and support team. If you’re looking to optimize your production line, then look no further. JBT has always pushed the boundaries of technology and we want to share our innovations with you.

High-Tech, Functional Operations

We aren’t just a reliable equipment provider. We’re proven innovators. While quality and safety are at the forefront of our approach, we never want to stop revolutionizing FoodTech and expanding the limits of what’s possible. But this innovation never comes at the cost of user experience. With JBT, you’ll have access to customer service and practical applications that will allow you to have meaningful control over how our technology is implemented in your system. You’ll have the option to:

  • Browse our large-scale collection of high-tech machinery and equipment
  • Integrate multiple brands to get the most out of your operation
  • Thoroughly test our products to ensure they meet your standards and expectations
  • Substitute and replace machines and parts to upgrade your system and keep it running smoothly
  • Access our comprehensive resources such as upgrade kits, parts, service and maintenance, and training

Diverse, Real-World Industry Experience

JBT offers specialized and targeted solutions across multiple industries and markets around the globe. With extensive experience working with clients in various distinct conditions, we’re prepared to take on any challenge. We have extensive experience in industries including:

Join Us at Our State-of-The-Art Research & Technology Centers

JBT is more than just a provider of cutting-edge equipment. We’re also leaders in collaborative international research. As a partner with JBT, you’ll have special access to our many Research and Technology Centers. At these facilities, you can work directly with our exceptional specialists and technicians, apply practical testing methods, trial various system configurations, and seek expert consultation to find the solutions you’re looking for.

Support You Can Depend On

Our approach has never been single-minded and our dedication to advancing the world of FoodTech goes far beyond manufacturing machinery. At JBT, we know that collaboration and communicative partnership are essential to reaching our goals, and yours. That’s why we work tirelessly to provide unmatched support to all of our industry partners.

Our goal is to forge a unique partnership with you so that we can understand your unique needs and provide you with individualized solutions, ongoing maintenance management, and expert guidance. Contact our team to get more information and become a JBT partner today!


We’re here to help every step of the way.