Flexible, customizable, secure sealing that saves time and money while optimizing product safety and stability

Sealing in the Quality with JBT

You want to avoid spoilage, leakers, contamination, and food waste at all costs. But, it’s not easy to guarantee your products are securely contained in their packaging. This is especially true if you’re packaging unusually-shaped or -sized items, have non-standard trays, or your products have a long journey to their end destinations.

Fortunately, JBT has the full solution for your products. With years in the tray sealing industry – and many insights gained – we’ve developed an impressive line of tray sealing equipment. Each innovation and technology is designed to meet your needs.

As such, we can successfully seal a cornucopia of products, including:

  • Ready meals
  • Produce
  • Soft fruits
  • Poultry
  • Fish and seafood
  • Desserts
  • Red meat
  • Sandwiches and snack foods
  • Pet foods
  • Pharmaceuticals

You’ll quickly see that our tray sealing machines can handle the demanding requirements of your different product lines and seal processes. Moreover, our automatic tray sealers are:

  • Environmentally friendly as we developed a high-force electrical seal delivery system that drastically reduces air consumption
  • Compact, featuring the smallest footprint of all tray sealing machines in the market
  • Economical since top seal require fewer materials and can mitigate the need for other machines (like labeling equipment)
  • A win for food safety as contents are securely sealed into containers and it’s obvious if a product’s been tampered with
  • Flexible, with their ability to seal various tray and film material types which suit ever-changing industry trends
Proseal Breaded Fish
Proseal Carrots, Sweetcorn, Mange Tout

Intentionally Designed for Better Sealing

JBT’s tray sealing machinery is specially engineered to meet your needs, so you can operate at the highest level of efficiency. Our smart equipment design means you’ll experience tray sealing machines that:

  • Are able to integrate with other production equipment up- or downstream
  • Have tooling that you can customize to the specifications that best suit your product
  • Permit quick tool changes for fast, easy production switches when changing product or trays and film
  • Offer user-friendly and intuitive set-up
  • Can be retrofitted to have the latest innovations and technology, making them future-proof
  • Boast extensive reporting features that help ensure you’re getting the most out of your productivity and meeting KPI measurements
  • Are simple, requiring minimal operator training to run the machines successfully

At JBT, we take this notion – engineering in product excellence – to heart. It’s what compels us to critically and carefully consider each design decision. From R&D all the way through to the final product, we’ve included intelligent features and functionality that save you time, money, and hassle.

Reliability That Never Quits

Don’t let something preventable – like out-of-order or unpredictable tray sealing machines – ruin or throw your logistics into chaos. Instead, select equipment you can count on day after day, no matter your production schedule.

We know what unscheduled downtime means to businesses like yours. It equals problems such as food waste, idle workforce, and deadlines and deliveries missed.

For this reason, JBT’s tray sealing machinery is built to last. They’re so durable that, over the lifespan of your sealer, you’ll notice:

  • Minimal operational issues
  • Minimum usage interruption due to operational issues

Features & Benefits

As well as being designed for long-term durability, JBT’s advanced tray sealing machines are packed with features that provide high-quality, flexible sealing solutions. All these capabilities ensure food production that’s always quick, precise, and safe.

  • Options – Manual, semi-automatic, and fully-automatic machines available to suit your requirements
  • Throughput – Machine capabilities range from 6 to 240 packs per minute to meet productivity goals
  • Freshness – Capable of Modified-Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) for extended product shelf life
  • Eco-Friendly – Possibility for significant reduction in plastic and energy use
  • Secure – Robust packaging and seal offers supreme protection of product during transportation, which maintains food quality and safety
  • Assurance – Can specify seals to be tamper-proof or to provide tamper evidence
  • Streamlined – Integrates well with other machinery for centralized control that facilitates management of all production line equipment and processes
  • Innovation – Extensive capabilities for concept testing, material validation, and packaging consultancy
  • Support – Global support staff available 24/7, year round

Have questions about these features – or how they can benefit your operations? Contact our team today.

Proseal Machines

A Brand That’s Worthy of Your Seal of Approval


You only have time in your busy schedule and room on your plant floor for equipment that won’t fail. JBT gets that and completely agrees, which is why we’re so pleased to bring you our Proseal brand.

Proseal is a long-time leader in the tray sealing machinery market. Global food organizations – that package in significantly high volumes – put their faith in these machines.

With a full line of exceptional-quality solutions, your Proseal equipment will perform just as dependably for you. You can expect it to help your business:

  • Maximize uptime and productivity
  • Operate safely and efficiently
  • Save money
  • Reduce waste

All Your FoodTech Solutions in One Place

JBT’s Proseal machines should be enough to seal the deal. However, we’re guessing you have food processing needs before and after tray sealing, too.

To accommodate your whole manufacturing operation, we’re a total-solutions provider. It’s the reason we offer such a wide selection of world-class equipment — beyond what’s needed to adhere film onto a molded tray.

More of the Best

With the quality and variety of equipment that JBT offers, you’ll soon discover we can supply you with more than just tray sealing machines. Our extensive offerings let you:

  • Conveniently source equipment from a single supplier
  • Customize your production line to address your needs
  • Mix and match brands to get the specific setup you want
  • Replace individual pieces of equipment within your current production line

With the addition of JBT’s upgrade kits, parts, maintenance, and training, you get an even more premium or customized solution.

Multiple Markets

Many JBT customers are benefitting from our diverse capabilities and offerings. It’s how we’re able to successfully serve so many markets, like:

Whether you’re buying one machine or outfitting your entire operation, these excellent products integrate seamlessly with all your JBT tray sealing equipment.

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JBT, Your Friend in FoodTech

You can stop looking for a competent, comprehensive partner to help you navigate the food production industry. JBT’s got more than just machines to help your business thrive.

The Best Approach

You should know that you’re more than just a sale to JBT. We take the long view, look at the bigger picture. Assisting you tomorrow is as important as helping you today.

As a progressive and conscientious company, JBT strives to provide the most value to our customers. We can only do this by forging a connected and productive long-term relationship with you. It enables JBT to serve you more thoughtfully and holistically and to show you the attention and respect you deserve.

It’s the right thing to do and it’s good business – for both of us.

Innovation Hubs

JBT’s global Research & Technology Centers are a huge asset for you. These unique and extraordinary facilities are so much more than test kitchens or labs.

They’re places where you can try out machines, explore production line set-ups, perfect your recipes and methodologies, and validate product safety and quality. You can experiment with different packaging shapes and materials. Plus, you get coveted access to technical expertise and data.

Experts Within Reach

JBT’s been a key player in the food industry for more than a hundred years. Not surprisingly, we accumulated abundant knowledge and experience during that time. We’re eager to share it with you! Let our skilled and dedicated team be your go-to resource for all things FoodTech.

You get this premium level of support because we know running a food processing venture can be complicated. Often, a helping hand from JBT is all you need to blow aside your obstacles.

Don’t hesitate to contact us with your questions, concerns, or requests. We’re here to help.