Whether you are an onion grower who wants to increase the added value of your harvest or an industrial onion processor, your operation in guaranteed to be efficient and cost effective.  Our range includes all the machines for onion processing onion peelers, inspection tables, dipping tanks, transport belts, hoppers, cutting machines, onion slier machines, onion decoring machines etc.


We can supply standalone machines and complete onion processing lines:

  • Infeed Hoppers
  • Onion Peelers
  • Roller inspection tables
  • Washers


All the peripheral equipment that is needed for industrial onion processing:

  • Conveying systems
  • Waste Removal Systems
  • Weighing Systems

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Magnetic Onion Peeler

Magnetic Onion Peeler (MOP-200)

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Multifunctional Washer

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Swirl Bath Washer

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FTNON Weighing Conveyor

Weighing Conveyor

Our FTNON Weighing Conveyor can be applied at several places within a typical processing line.

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