Baby Food Processing & Manufacturing

Build a reputation of reliability, safety, and nutritional quality with JBT’s comprehensive range of baby food processing solutions

Baby Food

Baby food producers compete in some of the most demanding markets in the world. Consumers want to know that they’re feeding their babies the safest, highest quality products they can find. To earn the trust of parents, producers need the most advanced, reliable machinery and processing solutions.

JBT’s diverse range of baby food processing solutions are the most advanced in the world. Infants and toddlers can enjoy safe, nutritious, and tasty foods in a variety of container types and sizes. From complete powder filling lines for infant formula to traditional baby foods containing fruits, juices, meat, and dairy products, JBT delivers a variety of flexible solutions for every stage of baby food production, from primary processing to final retail packaging.

Our entire range of equipment adheres to the highest standards of sanitation, quality, and technological prowess. Build trust in your brand by putting your trust in JBT.

Make Products Parents Can Trust

Producing high-quality, desirable baby food products is an undertaking that requires a balance and principled approach. Your customer base needs and deserves to know that the food they rely on to nourish their growing children is made with safety, flexibility, and practicality in mind. With JBT, you’ll rest assured that our line of high-tech machines will allow you to streamline your process and create a superior and consistent product.

From naturally-sourced purees with fresh fruits and vegetables, to dependable standard formulas, to high-quality powder products, JBT has the equipment to enhance and improve baby food production at every stage.

Safe & Hygienic

From our modernized fillers to our highly reliable powder processors, our equipment is designed to exceed industry hygiene standards, ensuring that your products maintain their purity and taste throughout each and every step of the process. Our machines are fitted with sophisticated technology that not only improves product and machine sterilization, but also reduces downtime and labor costs.

Product Versatility & Integrity

When it comes to competing in the current baby food market, versatility is key. That’s why JBT’s range of equipment is crafted to accommodate a wide variety of product applications. From low and high viscous products and diverse packaging styles and sizes to custom-fit nozzles and other components, you’ll have the tools to create a wide range of quality products while significantly reducing damage risks.

Products & Solutions

JBT’s catalog of flexible, state-of-the-art equipment is designed to streamline the entire manufacturing process for baby food products. With superior craftsmanship, a variety of customizable configurations, and unmatched safety and cleanliness features, you’ll develop products that are rich in taste and nutrition while reducing overall manufacturing costs and unnecessary waste.

PLF Powder Filling

Powder Processing Systems

JBT’s range of powder processing systems is designed to reduce waste, improve hygiene, and accommodate a wide variety of products, processes, and packaging.

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JBT Sterideal DR Heat Exchanger

Pasteurizers & Sterilizers

Our pasteurization and in-container sterilization solutions are renowned in diverse markets around the globe for their superior temperature distribution and low utility consumption.

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JBT Avure HPP high pressure processor for pharmaceutical manufacturing

High Pressure Processors (HPP)

Our Avure HPP solutions ensure your products meet consumer demand for freshness, flavor, nutrition, and safety. They improve shelf-life, taste, and reliability, leading to higher profits.

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JBT Rotary Weight Filler 1

Rotary Fillers

From low viscous products without particles to high viscous products with particles, and either cold or hot fills, our rotary fillers deliver unrivaled product versatility and consistent quality.

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Join the JBT family to improve your processes and gain an advantage in the ultra-competitive baby food industry.

JBT – An Innovative Approach to FoodTech

Since JBT’s long and rich history began over a century ago, we have continuously redefined what’s possible in food processing. Our dedication to technological advancement, along with our proven track record of providing practical solutions to our clients, have solidified JBT as a true trailblazer in FoodTech industries around the globe.

Our mission doesn’t end at manufacturing sophisticated food-processing equipment. We’re also committed to developing and maintaining long-term, trusted business partnerships. We know that our success depends on yours, and we take the time to understand your specific needs and goals so that we can work together to help you reach new heights in your industry.

Practical Experience in Diverse Markets

We’ve had the honor of working with clients from a wide range of distinct markets. Our practical experience has allowed us to develop a unique understanding of various industries, including:

Work Directly with JBT Specialists at Our Research & Technology Centers

We’re known for our advanced technological development strategies, and we want you to be a part of the process. With JBT, you’ll have access to our many Research and Technology Centers around the world.

When you visit our R&D centers, you can:

  • Get thorough testing to evaluate product safety, functionality, and compliance
  • Try out cutting-edge equipment and various system configurations
  • Fine-tune your recipes and optimize your processes
  • Analyze critical industry data
  • Work side-by-side with our incredible research and development experts

Comprehensive Solutions & Expert Support At Your Fingertips

At JBT, our mission has remained the same for over a century. We’re committed to continuous technological improvement and unmatched customer support and service. We do more than manufacture food processing equipment. We’re your partner every step of the way, helping you conquer your most pressing challenges and celebrating your successes. 

Our expert team is available around the clock to help you optimize your production lines, improve your operational efficiency, and gain your unique competitive advantage. Contact us today to learn more and tell us how we can help you meet your goals!


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