Ready Meals

The very best in readymade meal processing solutions to maximize freshness, nutritional value, and taste and to meet expanding consumer demand

Ready Meals

Advanced Solutions For Every Stage of Ready Meal Processing

Changing consumer lifestyles and expectations have led to a dramatic increase in demand for ready meals over the last decade. People want options that are quick and convenient, and ready meals require very little preparation and contain all the elements for a single-serving meal. The market for ready meals and prepared (“ready-to-cook”) meals has become one of the most competitive spaces in the food industry.

JBT has a long and robust history of delivering solutions to help processors develop high-quality ready meals that outshine the competition in terms of quality, nutrition, and taste. We offer a broad range of coating, frying, cooking, freezing, filling, closing and in-container sterilization to ensure you stay ahead of your competitors and capture this lucrative market.

Our ready meal processing machinery is designed to integrate seamlessly into your existing production lines and processes. JBT offers flexible, efficient, and cost-effective solutions for every step of processing. This, combined with unmatched customer service and support, enables you to improve end-product quality and boost profits with ease.

Features & Benefits

When it comes to producing ready meals, ensuring convenience and reliability for consumers is essential. But creating a grab-and-go product doesn’t have to mean settling when it comes to flavor and overall quality. 

In recent years, consumers have become more concerned with food safety and nutrition. Customers are looking for the same benefits of low-preparation meals along with sustainable, nourishing ingredients and superior taste. With our innovative equipment, you can develop a production line that limits manufacturing costs while protecting end-product integrity and taste.

With our catalog of machines for ready meal processing, you’ll achieve: 

  • Extended shelf life – Our targeted Proseal packaging solutions offer high-quality seal integrity and long-term freshness for products in a wide variety of markets.
  • Flexibility – Customizable machine configurations and a variety of packaging options allow you to tailor your system to your specific needs.
  • Cost efficiency – High-tech automation and reliable designs allow you to to develop a highly-profitable product while simultaneously reducing labor and maintenance costs and increasing processing speeds.  
  • High-tech sterilization – Supremely hygienic equipment designs include in-container sterilization to preserve product safety from initial processing to final retail.
  • Product uniformity – Consistent processing operations streamline production and result in consistent and reliable end products.
  • Superior nutrition and flavor – Every step of the process is designed to protect the integrity of each ingredient, allowing you to enhance and maintain nutritional value and overall taste.

Equipment for Food Processing

With JBT’s comprehensive range of ready-meal processing equipment, you don’t have to choose between end-product quality and cost effectiveness. We offer the most cutting-edge ready meal solutions in the global FoodTech industry, expertly engineered to maximize efficiency, limit maintenance requirements, and improve product quality.

Our solutions are designed to maximize convenience for both processors and their customers. With our High Pressure Processing systems, you’ll have limitless opportunities to serve up quick-to-prepare, ready-to-eat meals that last up to 90 days on shelves without any additives.

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