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Frigoscandia started pioneering industrial freezing in 1960 by inventing the fluidized freezing technology that resulted in the ground-breaking FLoFREEZE IQF Freezer that is still today an important part of the Frigoscandia product portfolio.

Later on Frigoscandia developed and launched the legendary self-stacking GYRoCOMPACT Spiral freezer that has become the best-selling spiral freezer ever made with thousands of freezers sold and in operation around the world. A later addition to the Frigoscandia product lines is the ADVANTEC Impingement freezers that delivers exceptional freezing performance for thinner products or surface stabilization prior to portioning of protein food products. With all the decades in the business Frigoscandia has gathered a vast knowledge in the freezing business and is the natural business partner for any food processes involving the freezing of food products. With our Food Technology centers and highly experienced skilled food focused personnel around the world we cover anything from frozen vegetables, to poultry, ready meals, pizza, bakery etc. etc.

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