Industrial-scale solutions designed for efficient, reliable, and safe freezing & chilling for a wide assortment of food products

JBT, the Right Choice for Food Freezing & Chilling Equipment

Keeping your raw ingredients and in-process and finished food products temperature-perfect – all the way through the production line – is beyond critical. A large part of that is maintaining the proper cooling of the foods.

JBT’s been leading the charge in freezing, chilling, and refrigeration support for over 60 years. With our complete line of products in these categories – backed by our deep expertise – you’ll easily find the solutions you need.

So, whether food you’re making, you can count on consistent product quality and safety. Because it’s JBT, you can also bank on incredible equipment value and longevity.

All you have to do now is pick out the freezing & chilling technologies that meet your needs…

  • Spiral Freezing Systems – Perfect for freezing and chilling a wide range of food products, JBT spiral freezers are especially well suited to large products and heavy belt loads.
  • IQF Freezing Systems – Freezing through fluidization is ideal for small pieces like cubes, strips, and mince. Our Individual Quick Freezing (IQF) freezers with true fluidization has large capacities and maintains high hygienic quality. We use a patented airflow systems that gently separates delicate products at the crust freezing stage
  • Impingement Freezing Systems – JBT impingement freezers are ideal for improving material handling, yields, and appearance of crusts. Making use of impingement technology (high pressure air jets blown through a series of small holes), the system employs a faster freezing time to conserve quality, and assure taste and mouthfeel. Ideal for crust freeze and stabilize soft food and sticky confectionery before further processing,
  • Contact Freezing Systems – For quick-freezing the bottom surface of a wide range of delicate, wet, shape-sensitive, or sticky products prior to final full freezing.  We use an ingenious method of mechanical refrigeration freezing and product handling. 
  • Poultry Chilling Systems – Whether it be the integration of the chill system to your existing operation or bringing break through innovations to poultry chilling, JBT is your one stop partner for your chilling needs.
  • Refrigeration Systems & Accessories – JBT refrigeration solutions support spiral and linear freezing systems by supplying and managing refrigerant to and from your freezing and chilling equipment.

Trusted Brands

JBT’s freezing & chilling machinery brands have shaped today’s frozen food markets. This is not only because they invented breakthrough technologies – like the self-stacking spiral freezer, the top-selling freezer in the world. It’s because food producers can count on these equipment makers. Go ahead – take a few moments to discover why these product lines are so extraordinary:

Features & Benefits

Freezing and chilling food couldn’t be – consistently – simpler or more streamlined than when using your JBT cooling solutions. Packed with features and functionality, you’ll be able to keep a chillingly wide variety of foods just the right temperature.

  • Sturdy – Stainless steel construction means long service life and extreme durability
  • Versatile – Can adjust equipment to suit virtually any food prep process
  • Customizable – Expertly-designed and -implemented systems to meet your exact specifications
  • Integratable – Fits into broader production line for end-to-end processing ease
  • Technology – State-of-the-art touch-screen PLC facilitates operator use
  • Sanitary – Optional clean-in-place system for improved operational hygiene
  • Sustainability – Resource-efficient operation results in cost savings and eco-friendliness
  • Precision – Controls and adjustability allow for exact temperatures, timing, and results
  • Footprint – Space-saving machines require less room on factory floor or provide more capacity per square foot
  • Convenience – One-stop shop for all refrigeration-related equipment needs
  • Support – Global team dedicated to providing world-class customer support

Have some additional questions? Contact us for more details on how these features benefit your operations.

Related Products

End-to-End Food Production Solutions

JBT’s selection of world-class equipment enables you to complete the countless tasks involved in your food production. Consequently, we support a broad cross-section of food industries and applications – everything from coating through cooking and tray sealing. This makes our equipment popular in markets like:

Plus, we have upgrade kits, parts, detergents, lubricants, and services and maintenance that really level up your production assembly.

Better Equipment Means Better Food Processing

You may have discovered that not all food production machinery is equal. Among JBT equipment’s many merits is their design and engineering. Our machines stand out for all the right reasons.

Every piece of JBT equipment you own has years of research and customer input factored in. The result is food processing technology that:

  • Is rugged and reliable – able to stand the tests of time and use
  • Streamlines your operations and boost productivity
  • Makes food processing and overall operations easier
  • Can be deployed more quickly
  • Requires less time for operator training
  • Addresses your particular needs and challenges
  • Helps you hit operational targets – like quality and efficiency goals

Our attention to quality and detail translates into:

  • Easier equipment management and less maintenance
  • Fewer and more minor service issues
  • More systems uptime

JBT, Your Ultimate FoodTech Collaborator

Given that JBT can take care of all your food production needs, there’s no reason to keep searching for solutions.

Focused on Your Business

We deal in building on the past to create a future full of opportunity. This is as true of machinery as it is of customer relations.

As such, you can expect to be treated as a valued partner, not a one-and-done sale or faceless account. JBT prioritizes establishing productive, enriching rapport with your business so we can better understand your needs.

This makes it possible for us to serve you more thoughtfully and holistically today and down the line. And, it’s our pleasure to show you the attention and respect you deserve. We find it’s simply the smartest and best approach to conducting business.

Innovation & Testing Hubs

Want to try out machines, explore production line configurations, and perfect your recipes and techniques? Need access to technical expertise and data? You get that – and more – at JBT’s Research & Technology Centers. More than just test kitchens or labs, these centers are a unique and invaluable benefit to working with JBT.

Engage with JBT Experts

Since the late 1800s, JBT’s been leading and learning in the FoodTech industry. As a valued partner, you’re encouraged to take advantage of our massive knowledge and experience! Let us be your go-to resource.

Our talented team is committed to your success. That’s why JBT provides support that goes the extra step. Food production can be a challenging business, but we’re here to help. And there’s a good chance we have solutions for your problems and answers to your questions. Don’t hesitate to contact us anytime.