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Get expert knowledge and resources from industry professionals that help optimize your business and production.​

Our goal is to ensure your lasting business success

At JBT, we are your global partner to share our experience and knowledge to help you achieve your goals.​ Our portfolio offers customized service solutions tailored to your needs, from training and support to expert consultation. JBT Expert Assurance is our tailored service to ensure the improvement of performance, cost optimization, and food safety of your operations.​

Consultancy Service

Expert Consultants

Our experts can provide an analysis of your production process and develop a strategic plan to increase efficiency and improve the use of your equipment. We will assist you in designing the right innovative solution, ensuring reliability and performance across all areas of operations and food safety, including quality, environment, production.​

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Research and Technology Centers (RTCs)

At JBT, we understand the new product development process. With 15 State-of-the-Art Research and Technology Centers (RTCs) worldwide, our specialists will work with you. to achieve the highest levels of efficiency, quality, and safety.

Training and Certification

Training & Certification

Our Training Services develop different competencies for different roles to help your business grow. Whether you are introducing new equipment or need new solutions to improve your productivity, we work with you to provide tailored training for your team to acquire the required knowledge or skills

Software Log Tec


Software drives system productivity. For this reason, we offer specialized software for process modeling and optimization, helping you reduce mistakes and increase process efficiency saving time and resources, improving the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

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JBT is committed to supporting customers worldwide improve sustainability through an increase in yields, a reduction in unnecessary waste, and greater control of energy usage, which the company firmly believes will mutually benefit all areas of the industry.​


We’re here to help every step of the way.