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Exceptional pathogen protection to improve product quality, maximize worker safety and consumer health, and increase trust in your brand

Prevenio produces innovative solutions that consistently deliver superior pathogen protection to enhance food safety for its clients and their customers. Businesses in the protein and produce markets stake their reputation on the quality of their products, the safety of their workers, and the health of their customers. Prevenio protects your brand by protecting lives. We aim to increase public trust in the food we all eat by ensuring your products are the best they can be in terms of quality and safety; we do this by staying true to our core values of honesty, consistency, thoroughness, and precision.

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Our brand was founded in 2011 by scientists and engineers determined to develop technologically advanced solutions with powerful and precise food protection. Prevenio remains committed to providing the highest level of microbiological performance, an exceptional technical team, and cutting-edge solutions to prevent foodborne illness from entering the supply chain.

Prevenio’s dedication to scientific rigor, health and safety, and product quality can not only enhance food safety for your company, but also help you build trust with your customers and boost your profits. 

Superior Pathogen Protection To Maximize Safety & Quality

Working with the leading produce and protein producers in the country, we deliver advanced pathogen protection to enhance food safety while also fostering safer work environments and limiting costs. At Prevenio, we add value by focusing on performance, innovation, service, and safety.

  • Performance — We help you achieve the highest standards of quality and microbiological performance by offering you advanced solutions to maximize yield while protecting your workers, your products, your customers, and your brand.
  • Innovation — We ask you to partner with us as we introduce new and innovative solutions and systems to the food-processing industry and apply data-driven approaches and ways of thinking to the industry’s toughest challenges.
  • Service — The advanced chemistries and engineering solutions we provide are supported by an exceptional technical service team; they work closely with our customers to consistently provide predictive, precise protection.
  • Safety — We protect your brand by protecting those you serve from foodborne illness; we do this by eliminating harmful bacteria from food products while maintaining full flavor, color, and nutrients.

Protein: Our Full-System Approach to Category 1 Performance

Prevenio employs a full-system approach to achieve Category 1 performance for our partners in the protein market. This enables us to deliver reliable, highly effective pathogen protection to maximize food safety while protecting the safety of workers and the health of consumers. Our comprehensive food-safety solutions empower you to: 1) achieve Category 1 performance within three months of installation, 2) improve product quality for texture and moisture retention, reduce costs and waste with chemical and water optimization, and 3) optimize your operations by taking advantage of our D3S Delivery System.

We believe food safety should be preventative, not reactive. That’s why we develop our solutions to ensure they provide you with highly flexible, consistently effective ways to prevent dangerous outbreaks of foodborne illness by pathogenic organisms such as salmonella and campylobacter.

Produce: Superior Post-Harvest Protection

In order to meet the highest standards of pathogen protection in produce markets, you need innovative, advanced chemistries combined with technologies that empower you with precise, flexible control. Prevenio’s solutions are targeted to your unique needs and challenges. We design intervention strategies around your specific products, processes, and plant conditions. This results in superior pathogen protection and improved product quality while reducing unnecessary costs and fostering a safer work environment. 

Used alone, sequenced, or in conjunction with PAA, our unique chemistries have proven capable of achieving 99.999%+ pathogen reduction, while also improving the shelf-life and sensory profile of your processed produce.

Prevenio’s Innovative Solutions

Our comprehensive range of food-safety solutions are designed to achieve the highest possible standards of pathogen protection while also improving product quality, texture, and shelf-life, ensuring the safety of your workers, reducing unnecessary costs, and increasing flexibility, control, and precision. We develop targeted solutions to address specific problems and challenges.

In addition to our innovative solutions, Prevenio is committed to helping you maximize safety and improve process and product outcomes with our full-service private laboratory specializing in microbiology.

JBT: Your Industry Leader in Food Processing Technology

Producing food for consumption requires a commitment to precision, efficiency, consistency, and safety. You need industry partners you know you can rely on. The equipment, processes, and safety measures you utilize are vital to your success and the health and safety of your customers. You need a partner that delivers comprehensive, effective solutions that are targeted to your specific needs, challenges, and markets. 

JBT is a proven leader in FoodTech. From food-safety and pathogen protection, to brine-preparation machinery, to fryers and filters, and beyond, we are committed to providing cutting-edge solutions that are flexible, innovative, and efficient.

Our Commitment to Collaboration

We don’t just think of you as another customer. When you work with JBT, we consider you a true partner in cultivating a better future in the food-processing industry. Over our long history, we’ve built a reputation for collaboration. That’s because we know that our success depends on your success. We focus on ensuring you get the attention and service you need to address the challenges you face in your industry and with your production lines so we can understand you better and improve our products and services in the future. By working together, we can make a better tomorrow for all of us.

JBT’s Research & Technology Centers

When you partner with JBT, you gain exclusive access to our global Research & Technology Centers. With over a dozen locations around the world, you’re invited to join us with your most pressing food-processing challenges, and our experts will help you find targeted solutions. Our R&T centers are there for you to utilize as you strive to optimize your processes and perfect your products. At our facilities, you’ll have the opportunity to:

  • View and test equipment and production-line setups to optimize your approach
  • Refine your recipes and techniques
  • Examine product quality, safety, craftsmanship, and compliance
  • Learn from our experts and access a wealth of industry data

Leading Industry Expertise At Your Fingertips

JBT made its debut in the FoodTech industry over a century ago, determined to push the boundaries of what was possible and develop new technologies to address the toughest challenges. Over the years, we’ve blazed new trails across a variety of diverse markets in food processing. We want to share what we’ve learned with you. We’re here to provide you with the support, service, and guidance you need to thrive and gain a competitive edge in your markets.

If you have questions about our equipment or solutions or need advice on your production line processes, contact our support team and let us know how we can help!


We’re here to help every step of the way.