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Future – Proof!

Secure boneless poultry and fish quality standards that grow together with raising market demands & consumer preferences.

Automatic X-RAY DETECTION for bones in Poultry and Fish
A revolutionary bone detection system created for the unique needs of poultry and fish processors

High Detection Rate

Based on a unique image resolution of 0.1 mm x 0.1 mm, Innospexion can detect small, calcified bones in poultry and fish

Low False Rejection Rate

Innospexion x-ray detectors combined with its innovative software guarantees a high and reliable bone detection rate without rejecting products from the line


Strong know-how rooted in over 20 years of X-ray technology experience

Low Cost of Ownership

Robust design, top-class components with proven durability

Technology Leader

Constant focus on technology development and future proofing our solutions to the changing needs of the food industry

  • Compact design and versatile functionality that will increase yield and maximize waste
  • Gentle reject methods for product quality conservation under pressure
  • Special software tailored for detecting very small poultry and fish bones
  • Product-based software recipes ideal for inspection of deboned breast fillets, inner fillets, thighs, leg meat, and nuggets
  • Unique capability of simultaneous bone and foreign object detection. Consistent, reliable, and high detection rate while maintaining a low false positive rate, high throughput and high yield
  • Up to 98% detection rate & under 5% false reject rate for calcified bones down to 2mm x 2mm


  • Tailored software application for bone detection in poultry and fish products
  • Unique capability of simultaneous bone and foreign object detection
  • High and reliable detection rate with low false negatives due to high resolution X-ray detector
  • Compatible with different types of reject systems; flap-down, retractable gate
  • Hygienic design, IP69K
  • FDA and EU approved materials suited for direct contact with food
  • Designed for food production environments, water jet cleaning tolerance with foam up to 20 bars
  • Plug and play design