Full System Approach to Category 1 Performance

With our breakthrough technology and innovative solutions, Prevenio utilizes a full system approach to deliver Category 1 Performance for its clients in the protein market. Currently working with three of the top five poultry producers in the country, Prevenio is a leader in providing superior pathogen protection that significantly enhances food safety, while also creating a safer work environment and reducing costs.

Food safety should be about prevention, not reaction. Our innovative solutions are designed to provide food processors with a highly flexible, reliable and effective means to prevent the dangerous and costly outbreak of foodborne illness by pathogenic organisms such as salmonella and campylobacter. Our patent-pending equipment has the ability to introduce multiple chemistries in sequence and eliminate variation with automated process controls, allowing us to provide a tailored approach to protect your food and its full flavor profile.

JBT-Prevenio Advantage

  • Achieve Category 1 performance within 90 days of installation
  • Access on-site and remote monitoring and controls
  • Optimize operations through precise process control with D3S Delivery System
  • Enhance and maintain product quality for texture and moisture retention
  • Reduce costs with chemical and water optimization
Prevenio Performance


Let us help you achieve the highest level of microbiological performance with our quality solutions that maximize yield and protect your workers, your product, and your brand.

Prevenio Innovation


Partner with us as we bring innovative solutions and science to the food processing industry by applying new ways of thinking to our solutions, systems, and the services we provide.

Prevenio Service


Our innovative chemistries and engineering solutions are supported by a superior technical service team that works closely with our customers to deliver precise and predictive protection.

Prevenio Safety


We protect consumers from foodborne illness by safely eliminating harmful bacteria from the foods they eat, while also protecting the full flavor, color, and nutrients of their food.