Precise Protection from an Automated Delivery System

Our D3S System introduces and maintains the precise amount of chemistries into every step in your intervention process, ensuring predictable efficacy while controlling costs. This patent-pending equipment has the ability to introduce multiple chemistries allowing us to customize solutions for each application.

The system delivers a consistent and homogeneous treatment which also minimizes odor, so your workers are safe, comfortable, and more productive.

Our delivery system provides precise protection to ensure you’re running as efficiently as possible, removing the risk of under-application as well as the nutrient- and flavor-profile damage that over-application can cause.

JBT-Prevenio Advantage

  • Accurate control of PAA, chlorine, Acidifier/Alkalizer
  • Superior titration capabilities
  • Odor reduction for worker safety, comfort, and productivity
  • 24/7 Remote access
  • Real-time water & chemical usage reporting

D3S Historian

Remote Access to real-time data on your mobile device or PC.

  • Chemical Concentration (e.g. PAA, chlorine)
  • pH
  • Chemical Consumption
  • Flow Rate
  • Temperature
  • Alarms

We monitor all systems daily for chemical levels and proper operation.

d3s historian

Our D3S System

Automated Closed Loop System

Enables processors to optimize/titrate their chemical usage for more efficient pathogen control and significantly reduce risk to food safety and quality with 24/7 remote monitoring and data access.

Industry-Leading Efficacy Adaptable to Your Environment

Multi-purpose liquid additives designed to provide food processors with flexible, reliable and effective means to prevent the dangerous and costly outbreak of harmful microorganisms.

Prevenio Performance


Let us help you achieve the highest level of microbiological performance with our quality solutions that maximize yield and protect your workers, your product, and your brand.

Prevenio Innovation


Partner with us as we bring innovative solutions and science to the food processing industry by applying new ways of thinking to our solutions, systems, and the services we provide.

Prevenio Service


Our innovative chemistries and engineering solutions are supported by a superior technical service team that works closely with our customers to deliver precise and predictive protection.

Prevenio Safety


We protect consumers from foodborne illness by safely eliminating harmful bacteria from the foods they eat, while also protecting the full flavor, color, and nutrients of their food.