Reliable, high-yield citrus extractors, juicers, and finishers — creating exceptional-quality products — for profit- and sustainability-minded processors

The Grade A Choice in Citrus Juice Processing

A lot has to come together – just right – to get your citrus products from grove to grocer.

Luckily, JBT’s been in the citrus processing field for a very long time. As such, JBT is recognized globally as the leader in citrus processing solutions.

You don’t have to take our word on this, though. Just take a look at these compelling stats – the numbers speak for themselves.

  • Over 75% of the world’s citrus juices are produced with JBT technology.
  • All major citrus producers – in more than 35 countries – use our machines and services.
  • JBT citrus processing solutions boast better outcomes than competitor equipment; a 1% improvement in yield could realistically represent a $1 million in savings or additional revenue.
  • Our equipment’s able to process nearly 100% of your fruit inputs can be processed, reducing waste and opening you up to profitable new markets.
  • The JBT Citrus Juice Extractor earned the American Society of Mechanical Engineers’ International Historic Mechanical Engineering Landmark designation.

For you, this means we know how to make transforming oranges, lemons, limes, and all their kin into tasty, refreshing products. Plus, we’ve got all the citrus processing equipment you’ll need – from start to finish – for smooth operations, cost effective production, and the highest-quality juices, pulps, purees and more.

While our Citrus Extractor is the celebrity at the center of any citrus processing system, JBT has solutions for:

  • Fruit storage, receiving and handling
  • Juice room equipment
  • Citrus pulp processing
  • Not-from-concentrate production
  • Frozen concentrated juice production
  • Peel/waste processing

JBT enables you to achieve the optimal operational balance. In turn, this helps you meet your yield, quality, and throughput goals while ensuring food safety, extending the shelf-life of your products, and producing at the lowest possible per unit cost.

Citrus Juicer - Fresh

Smarter Engineering for Better Food Processing

Anything that gives your business a leg up is a good thing. This concept is at the heart of everything JBT does and offers.

That’s why we purposefully design in features and functionality that help you get the most out of your machines and personnel. JBT’s attention to detail and quality:

  • Ensures sturdy, reliable machinery that will stand up to time and use
  • Facilitates logistics
  • Improves productivity
  • Reduces operator training
  • Speeds up equipment deployment
  • Addresses your specific needs and challenges
  • Helps you hit operational targets — like quality and efficiency goals
  • Means easier and minimal maintenance
  • Results in greater equipment longevity and higher resale value

Where Eco-Friendly Meets Econ-Friendly

At the end of the day, your goal is to profitably provide amazing products to downstream customers. Sustainability just might be a major key to accomplishing this.

Yes, juicing may be your primary line of business. But, JBT enables you to do it in smarter ways that use the same or fewer inputs and resources, which can:

  • Increase production efficiencies
  • Create new uses of so-called byproducts
  • Result in savings on raw materials costs
  • Boost the utilization of your facility
  • Reduce waste
  • Diversify your streams of income

JBT citrus processing machinery lets you use everything from the peels to the pips to the pulps. Instead of relying on just the juices, you can develop lucrative secondary and tertiary products – like essential oils and cattle feed. So not only are you caring for the environment that underpins your livelihood, you’re generating wealth from waste.

Brands You Can Trust

It’s okay if you’re not familiar with the citrus processing equipment manufacturers. All you really need to bear in mind is that JBT only offers the industry’s best product lines – like these:

Features & Benefits

JBT’s squeezed in all the features and functionality that you’d expect in premium-quality citrus processing solutions. More than just buttons and dials, these capabilities enable you to repeatedly produce foods swiftly, precisely, and safely.

  • Profitability – Efficiency gains equals significant economic opportunities
  • Performance – Better yield/quality than competitors results in greater efficiencies
  • Innovators – Inventors of the industry-standard juice extractor means extensive history, esteem, and expertise in citrus processing
  • Comprehensive – Full-service process and plant design consulting included to optimize operations
  • Reputation – Trusted market leader used to create at least 75% of the world’s citrus juices by major processors in over 35 countries
  • End-to-end – Gate-to-freight approach ensures fruits are maximized from the moment they arrive at the plant through the moment they reach the shipping dock
  • Sustainability – Efficient use of resources, reduced waste, and creation of sellable byproducts cuts costs while boosting revenue potential
  • Technology – State-of-the-art process control systems streamline and fortify operations
  • Selection – Wide breadth of solutions for end-products that meet consumer demands
  • Expertise – Unparalleled process know-how leading to better plant and process design for greater quality and yields
  • Convenience – One-stop shop for all citrus processing equipment needs
  • Local – Worldwide sales and service network in all key citrus processing markets for quick, region-specific attention
  • Support – Global team dedicated to providing world-class customer support

Questions? Contact us for more information about how these features benefit your operations.

Every Food Processing Solution You Might Need

Maybe pressing fruits into juices isn’t the end of the line for your facility.

If that’s the case, you’ll be happy to know that JBT’s able to support a variety of food industries and applications. With our broad range of machinery, you can readily complete all of the steps involved in your food processing.

This is what makes JBT the prime choice for large-scale B2B juice producers, integrated products companies, and oil processors in markets like:

Outfitting Your Entire Protein Production Line

No matter how many pieces of equipment you’re looking for, JBT’s vast product portfolio offers plenty of options for each food production task. You’ll always come away with the right machines for the jobs at hand.

With the quality and variety of food processing equipment JBT carries, you can:

  • Conveniently obtain all your equipment from a single source
  • Customize your processing line to address your requirements
  • Mix and match brands to get just what you need
  • Easily replace individual components of your existing production line
  • Respond more agilely to changes
  • Scale your operations more smoothly

Plus, JBT has upgrade kitspartsdetergents, and lubricants that take your set-up to the next level.

Regardless of which or how many machines you choose, you’ll appreciate that assembling your production line with JBT is a pleasantly straightforward, low-stress affair.

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Machines Are Just The Beginning

We have so much to offer you beyond our outstanding machines. JBT’s  also highly regarded for our excellent software and services like:

A combination of JBT consulting and technology is the ideal complement to your equipment. In fact, software and services are often what forges a cohesive and effective system from otherwise discrete operations, machinery, and personnel.

JBT, Your FoodTech Partner

If you’re seeking an end-to-end products and services provider to facilitate your food production, you’ve found it in JBT. There’s no need to keep searching elsewhere for solutions to your processing needs!

A Better Business Paradigm

JBT values you as more than just a figure on a sales sheet. And we strive to have our actions match our intentions. This lets us show you the attention and respect you deserve and is – in our books – a more modern, conscientious method of conducting business.

As your friend in FoodTech, JBT works hard to establish a constructive long-term relationship with you. It’s the best way for us to be able to serve you more thoughtfully and holistically today and tomorrow.

Innovation & Testing Centers

More than just test kitchens or labs, JBT’s Research & Technology Centers let you do things like:

  • Try out machines
  • Explore production line configurations
  • Troubleshoot production issues and inefficiencies
  • Conduct processing line audits
  • Perfect your recipes and techniques

Plus, you’ll enjoy access to technical expertise and data. It’s truly a remarkable and unique JBT perk!

Accessible JBT Experts

JBT’s been in the FoodTech industry for over a century and has been honored with the American Society of Mechanical Engineers Historical Landmark designation for our Citrus Extractor. This translates to many years of innovation and amassing knowledge – that can help you! Allow JBT’s dedicated and talented team to be your go-to FoodTech resource.

Why do we offer next-level support? It’s because we know running a food processing company can be rife with challenges and there’s a good chance JBT has the solutions you need. Don’t hesitate to contact us with questions – we’re here for you.