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Collecting and learning from data drawn in real-time from systems and machinery can detect potential issues before they become problems or even improve the overall efficiency of operations. This is the theory behind Intelligent Operations or iOPS, the latest stage in delivering more joined-up, efficient system management solutions, which is now being offered by JBT to customers worldwide.

By adding iOPS gateway to any of the machines in your factory, data can continuously be collected and securely uploaded to the iOPS cloud service for analysis. This Cloud solution will help expose insights from disparate factory environment easily and efficiently to key stakeholders. Standardized OEE, shift analysis, GEO fencing, Camera analysis based on alarms, and predictive maintenance reports will help drive business success.

If the iOPS logics detect failures or abnormalities in the system, a voice call will be sent via text, email, voice or custom reports. Such critical insights help the maintenance team resolve issues more efficiently with pinpoint diagnostics and ordering the right parts to execute repairs on time.

iOPS is designed with the highest security standards and following the best industry practice. Therefore you can be confident that your data is secure from unauthorized access. From connection to transmission and storage, all data is fully encrypted with two-factor authentication for data access.

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By adding an iOPS gateway you will:

  • Gain access to up-to-date status and performance reports
  • Be able to create your own custom reports
  • Detect wear in parts such as filters, valves, motors, etc.
  • Configure your own alarms
  • Create triggers to help you reduce wear-and-tear

Eventually, this will result in:

  • Reduced unexpected downtime
  • Improved OEE
  • Visible efficiency gains 

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