Innovative coating solutions for evenly and thoroughly breading and battering everything from meat and seafood to vegetables

Truth be told – perfectly-coated food can result in a divine culinary creation. Achieving well-battered or evenly-breaded food products can be tricky, though.

It takes more than finesse, good intentions, and a pre-dusting of luck. You need tried-and-true coating machinery that’s backed by the service, support, and know-how of an industry-leading company.

JBT – and our Stein & alco coating solutions – certainly fit that tall order. In fact, we’ve been helping food producers like you successfully create diverse, delicious breaded and battered animal- and plant-based items since 1955. That’s when we brought the first commercial breading machine to market.

Not ones to rest on our laurels, JBT’s continued rolling out cutting-edge coating machinery through the years. We understand that the food business is hyper-competitive and caters to constantly-changing demands – so food processors must adapt to keep pace. They rely on us to be able to develop, grow, and evolve their coated products offerings.

JBT’s coating equipment is now so trusted that it’s become a staple of many multinational fast food and convenience food production. These use cases underscore how our coating machinery provides high-capacity, extremely-reliable, and innovative solutions for a variety of food processors worldwide.

Now envision a JBT battering or breading machine in your facility, producing excellent coated products while streamlining your operations and improving your business.

A Legacy of Innovation

Given that we invented and introduced to the market the very first commercial coating machine, it’s probably no surprise that JBT also led the way in other relevant coating advancements. In case you’re keeping track, here are some key industry firsts:

  • First commercially-successful automated conveyorized breading applicator
  • First breading applicator to run heavy flour-style coatings
  • First hydraulically-powered breading machines for improved reliability
  • First batter applicator designed to run tempura-style batters
  • First breading applicator able to run full range of coating materials from flour to “J”crumb
  • First “home-style” coating applicator with full belt-width product orientation
  • First breading applicator to run Japanese-style breadcrumbs
  • First universal batter applicator able to run conventional- and tempura-style batters
  • First fully automated batter mixer and viscosity control
  • First semi-automated tempura batter mixer

We mention these historic milestones so that you know we’re listening to the needs of food producers like you. Our commitment isn’t to debuting sleek new technology – it’s to creating and providing solutions to your challenges. JBT wants to enable you to evolve your offerings to keep up with ever-changing consumer demands.

Not Just the First, but The Best

You need coating solutions that really work for you. It’s great that there’s a long track record with JBT’s equipment, but what’s perhaps more important is how they’re going to perform now and down the line.

We hear you! While JBT’s claim to fame is rooted in being the inventors of commercial coating solutions – we’re proud to say we maintain that distinction based on the quality and variety of our products and services.

We purposefully design in features and functionality that help you get the most out of your machines and workers. JBT’s attention to detail and excellence:

  • Ensures sturdy, reliable equipment that stands up to repeated and rugged use
  • Facilitates logistics
  • Improves productivity and efficiency
  • Reduces operator training needs
  • Speeds up equipment deployment
  • Addresses your specific requirements and challenges
  • Helps you hit management targets – like quality and cost goals
  • Means easier and less upkeep
  • Results in longer equipment service life and greater resale value

The Trusted Brand in Coating Solutions

If you’re in a food business that produces breaded, battered, or coated products, you’re probably familiar with Stein and alco. As the original coating system, Stein machines have been diligently hard at work for manufacturers around the world since 1955. And, as you know, JBT only carries the best – and most innovative and reliable – equipment lines.

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Features & Benefits

Your JBT coating solutions are packed with all the features and functionality you want and need in your coating solutions. Because of these capabilities, you’ll be able to consistently produce foods quickly, correctly, and safely.

  • Innovators – Created the first commercial coating system and many subsequent machine advancements to automate and increase profitability of breaded and battered products
  • Coatings – Machines available to accommodate wide variety of flours, breadcrumbs, and batters and application techniques
  • Products – Equipment for coating poultry, meat, seafood, and vegetables
  • Performance – Better yield/quality than competitors results in greater efficiencies
  • Selection – Wide breadth of premium solutions for end-products that meet consumer demands
  • Capacity – Available in different sizes to properly accommodate you batches
  • Expertise – Unparalleled process know-how leading to better manufacturing set-ups
  • Support – Global team dedicated to providing world-class customer support

Contact us with any questions or to get more information about how these features benefit your operations.

Solutions for All Your Food Processing Needs

Coating those chicken tenders is likely only part of your overall process. There are upline steps – like portioning the meat – and downline steps – like tray sealing – to contend with as well.

You’ll be pleased to know that we can support a vast array of food sectors and applications. That’s why leading companies work with JBT to serve markets like:

Our extensive selection of machinery meets your production needs and can meaningfully facilitate your operations.

Assemble Your Whole Production Line Here

Looking for one piece of equipment or many? Either way, JBT carries what you need to get every job done. With the quality and variety of food processing equipment JBT has, you can:

  • Conveniently source all your equipment from a single supplier
  • Customize your production line to fit your requirements
  • Mix and match brands to get the exact combo you need
  • Easily replace one-off components of your current set-up
  • Agilely respond to changes
  • Scale your operations with less friction or disruption

Additionally, JBT offers upgrade kitspartsdetergents, and lubricants that optimize your hard-working hardware.

No matter which machines you pick, you’ll love how straightforward, hassle-free outfitting your processing facility with JBT can be.

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More Than Coating Equipment

JBT has a lot to offer you besides best-in-class machinery. We’re also known for our outstanding software and services like:

JBT’s blend of consulting, technology, and skilled technicians strikes the right balance. An effective complement to your equipment, software and services often bring discrete operations, machinery, and personnel together into a unified, high-functioning system.

JBT, Your Ally in FoodTech

Because JBT’s an end-to-end products and services powerhouse, you really needn’t look any further for solutions to your processing needs!

A Better Approach

You’re not just some random, faceless account. And you shouldn’t be treated as such. As your FoodTech partner, JBT strives to build a constructive long-term relationship with you.

This lets us get to know your business and its needs so we can serve you more thoughtfully and holistically today and tomorrow. It also enables us to show you the attention and respect you deserve.

Testing & Innovation Hubs

JBT’s Research & Technology Centers are way more than mere test kitchens or labs. They’re places where you can try out machines, explore production line configurations, perfect your recipes and processes, and access to technical expertise and data. It’s a phenomenal and JBT-unique perk!

Connect with JBT’s Experts

JBT’s been leading the way in the FoodTech industry for more than 100 years. This means many years of innovation and amassing knowledge – that can benefit you! Let JBT’s dedicated and talented team be your go-to resource.

We’re happy to provide next-level support because we know running a food processing business can be tough. We also know there’s a good chance JBT has the solutions you need for the challenges you face. Feel free to contact us with questions anytime.