The alco batter mixer is designed for mixing and preparing a wide variety of liquid media. The reliable and solid mixer is composed of a central vessel and an agitator, in which several batters are mixed or kept at a homogeneous consistency. The agitator is easily and conveniently operated by a PLC control via touch panel. A pump, located at the base of the vessel, is used to gently pump batter, tempura or marinades to other nearby plant systems.  

Features & Benefits

  • Solid rotary pump – mixes standard batters as well as lightly leavened tempura batters
  • Pump in hygienic design, agitator is electrochemically polished
  • Equipped with stainless steel drives
  • Effective agitator with two mixing blades
  • PLC control with touch panel for several continuously adjustable operators
  • Simplified measurement by means of an integrated measuring scale  
  • Designed according to the latest hygiene and safety standards

Options & Models

  • The alco batter mixer is available in PRO and AUTOMIX series
  • The PRO version is used for capacities of 150l or 300l
  • The AUTOMIX version is used for bigger batches. In the automated system, mixtures with preset viscosity, temperature, and quantity can be produced and stored in consistent quality