Home Style Breading, popularized by several global, renowned brands, is a beloved culinary technique in the food processing industry. It involves coating food products, such as chicken, with a flavorful and textured breading mixture to create that iconic crispy and golden exterior.

With our drum breading machine, we master the top tier of breading: Genuine homestyle coating of irregularly shaped products such as bone-in products. So you don’t need to do without a breading when it comes to drumsticks, chicken thighs, etc., we’ve developed a special breading flour distribution and sprinkling system for hard-to-coat products. The drum breader’s design allows for efficient and even distribution of the breading mixture, ensuring every piece of food is coated evenly. This helps maintain the signature texture and appearance associated with Home Style Breading.

Whether dried spices, herbs, or flour: Our drum breading machine will apply coating with a fine or coarse grain to your product in a gentle way or with intense tumble coating, just the way you’d like it.

In the food processing industry, the alco drum breaders are valued for their versatility. They can handle a variety of food products, including chicken, fish, vegetables, and more. This flexibility enables food processors to expand their product offerings and cater to diverse consumer preferences.

Features & Benefits

  • Particularly suitable for home-style coating irregularly shaped products (e.g., bone-in products like chicken drums, chicken tenders, etc.)
  • Coating with fine or coarse breading, dried spices, herbs, or flour
  • Innovative breading flour distribution and sprinkling system
  • Gentle pre-coating and intense tumble coating in one machine
  • Extremely gentle breading flour circulation system without spotting
  • Integrated clump sifting system
  • Innovative blower air circulation system
  • Hygienic design for top product safety
  • Easy operation and cleaning with maximum safety


  • The drum is optimized for small and large batch sizes, plus variable drum speed and efficiently attached bafflers
  • The integrated filter system separates clumped-up residues from the coating material and constantly maintains the consistency and quality of the material
  • A PLC operating system controls the machine in a smart and user-friendly way through a touch panel with functions like recipe management, etc.
  • Add an optional lateral supply and refill funnel for ergonomic and automatic equipment filling
  • A spindle height adjustment sets the height of the entire machine by means of a handwheel, without the use of tools