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Our Stein TM Series Automatic Tempura Batter Mixers are widely recognized the industry standard for tempura batter control.  They automatically proportion, mix, and transfer thick and highly leavened batters to the Tempura style batter applicators.  We designed the TM mixers to provide gentle and controlled mixing, gentle batter transfer while maintaining highly accurate and repeatable mix batter ratios.  The semi-continuous batch mixer also maintains a consistent batter level in the tempura applicator which is critical in the tempura coating process.

Features & Benefits

  • The adjustable speed rotating and orbiting mixing cage provides a quick and effective mixing action without damaging the batter
  • Adjustable floats in the 150 Liter water tank pre-measure the water for one or two bag mixes
  • Automatic feed dry mix hopper for one or two 2 bag mixes (50lbs. or 100lbs)
  • Positive displacement transfer pump delivers the batter to the applicator with no shear action
  • Remote sensor in the tempura applicator maintains consistent batter level


  • All stainless steel construction
  • 60,000 BTU refrigeration coils embossed in the 31.5 gallon mixing tank provide batter temperature control
  • Nominal batter mix capacity of approximately 2,000 lbs/hr. of mixed batter (dependent on batter mix ratio)

Options & Models

  • Models:
  • Stein TM-3 Tempura Batter Mixer
  • Available in hydraulic drives only
  • Push button controls
  • Stein TM-4 Tempura Batter Mixer
  • Available in electric drives only
  • PLC controls