Maintenance & Repair Services

JBT Technician

Maximum uptime and smooth operation is our mission. Our service packages and global established network of service technicians make sure you get a good night’s sleep. 

With a long history of food processing equipment, our service technicians have faced and solved some of the toughest problems for processors within the food industry. Our differentiated service packages aim at keeping your equipment running as profitable as possible as long as possible and with a minimum downtime. 

At your request, we carry out regular maintenance and repair, but also customer tailored turnkey support and on- site personnel expert training. Whatever your needs are, we have the right level for you.

For service inquiries, related to Coating, Cooking, Freezing and Chilling, Frying and Filtration, Pasteurization, Portioning and Slicing, Process and Line Control, Proofing or Refrigeration, please call +1 800 408 7788, and select option 7

For service inquiries, related to Citrus Processing, Fresh Produce Preservation, Produce Labeling, Fresh’n Squeeze® Point-of-Sale Juicers, Fruit and Vegetable Processing, Aseptic Filling or Tomato Processing, please email [email protected].

For service inquiries related to Tank Modifications, ASME Coded Pressure Vessel Repair, Agitators, Melters, CIP Systems, Blending or Installation Services, please contact [email protected] or call +1 715 687 2843.You may also visit our Locations page to obtain contact information for the nearest JBT office that supports your product line, as well as recently acquired brands.


We’re here to help every step of the way.

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