Introducing OmniBlu™

Smart Insights, Connected Care

Introducing OmniBlu™ from JBT, – a subscription-based contract including best-in-class service, parts availability, and machine optimization capabilities – all supported by a powerful digital backbone leveraging AI, machine learning, and predictive analytics.

At JBT, we take pride in being a premier partner to our customers in developing and providing state-of-the-art, reliable, and efficient machinery. We know that in order to continue to feed the world, we need to help our customers operate more efficiently.

OmniBlu offers three transformative features

These digital solutions & service offerings are designed to address key customer challenges – investing in a new and improved service offering to create value by working together.

A partnership focused on maximizing
your uptime and effectiveness

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OmniBlu’s Maintenance Manager enables the switch from a reactive to proactive approach through real time connectivity & diagnostics, easy to follow preventive maintenance, inspection schedules, and training. Backed up with regular inspections and support from our skilled, best in class JBT service team

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Parts & Service
at Your Fingertips

OmniBlu’s Frictionless Parts & Service provides a seamless experience to find the right part, get to the right tech support, and deliver parts and service on your schedule

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Digital Tools
& Insights

OmniBlu´s Machine Performance AI engine connects your machine and gives you the tools for real time process monitoring, and predictive analytics with reports and dashboards to get the most throughput, efficiency and maintain the highest quality. Empowering you to optimize your overall equipment efficiency (OEE)

OmniBlu FAQs

How is OmniBlu different from PRoCARE® and iOPS®?

For years, JBT’s PRoCARE service contracts have effectively maximized the longevity of JBT machines through high-quality support and maintenance, while iOPS offers machine performance monitoring and analytics to give customers insight into equipment performance data. OmniBlu delivers on both of these JBT promises and more. OmniBlu improves upon the connectivity of iOPS and merges it with services and parts focused on value creation and continuous improvement. The OmniBlu digital platform also includes advanced features like machine learning and machine vision, truly transforming your experience and launching your operations into the future.

Which JBT machines can be connected to OmniBlu?

OmniBlu is currently available to connect to GYRoCOMPACT® freezers, DSI Portioning Systems, Avure HPP product lines, and Linear Filler product lines. However, we’ve developed a clear and detailed plan to roll out availability to all machine families in JBT’s product range. Our goal is to ensure that our customers have the ability to streamline their entire system with the full breadth of OmniBlu services and solutions. DSI™ Waterjet portioners will achieve OmniBlu compatibility in the coming months. Spiral ovens, rotary pressure sterilizers, and fillers and closers will soon follow.

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JBT – A True Industry Leader

For over a century, JBT has been breaking barriers in FoodTech, providing high-quality, technologically advanced, and reliable solutions to all of our industry partners. With our unparalleled tenacity, innovative approach, and continued emphasis on collaboration, we have solidified our reputation as a food processing industry leader and trusted equipment provider.

But we do more than just create state-of-the-art machines. We prioritize long-term, mutually beneficial business relationships, providing ongoing services, support, and insight to our customers. We know that our success is dependent on yours, and as a member of the JBT family, you’ll have a dedicated partner who wants to help you meet your goals and reach the very top of your industry.

Centers of Innovation

In addition to our comprehensive, personalized support, with JBT you’ll also have access to our cutting-edge Research & Technology Centers. With more than a dozen facilities around the world, you can work face-to-face with our specialists to refine your recipes, test equipment configurations, and get an up-close look at our processes.

Industry Expertise & Support at Your Fingertips

Since the late 1800s when JBT was first established, we’ve made it our mission to build a reputation as an industry leader and collaborative partner. Over the years, we’ve gathered knowledge, sharpened our skills, and taken the time to understand our customers’ needs, goals, challenges, and visions. We’re excited to share what we’ve learned with you. Our talented team of experts is here to act as your go-to resource.

We provide comprehensive support, guidance, advice, and solutions around the clock. Don’t hesitate to contact us with questions or concerns – we’re always here to help!