Our space-saving design of the AV-10 HPP food processing machine is a perfect match for smaller and medium-sized producers. It handles a high quantity of output and adds a minimal cost per pound to processing costs. As well, the AV-10 also dramatically reduces the startup cost of acquiring HPP technology.

Features & Benefits

  • Annual Capacity
    • 10 Million Pounds/4.5 Million Kilograms with 3 minute hold
    • 15 Million Pounds/6.8 Million Kilograms with 1 minute hold


  • Lowest cycle cost for throughput range minimizes production costs
  • Minimal footprint optimizes plant space and enables rapid installation
  • Dramatically reduces startup costs
  • Advanced cylinder liner design outlasts any vessel in the industry
  • Perfect match for smaller and medium-sized producers

Options & Models

  • AV-40X
  • AV-50X
  • AV-60X
  • AV-70X
  • AV-10
  • AV-S
  • AV-30
  • AV-M