Our AV-S remains to be  the only HPP system crafted  specifically for the seafood industry. Its vertical design and built- in safety features prevent mechanical damage. Compared to other methods of  meat extraction, the AV-S increases yield in shellfish and crustacean meat separation of up to 80%. In addition to its productivity increase, we manufacture this machine to enhance the food’s chemistry, nutrition and flavor.

Features & Benefits

  • Annual Capacity
  • 23.8 Million Pounds/10.8 Million Kilograms with 3 minute hold
  • 32.9 Million Pounds/14.9 Million Kilograms with 1 minute hold


  • Separates 100% of meat from the shell
  • Increases total meat yield in lobster by up to 80%
  • Increases productivity, maximizes labor usage and enhances operational efficiencies
  • Enhances nutrition, mouthfeel and taste

Options & Models

  • AV-40X
  • AV-50X
  • AV-60X
  • AV-70X
  • AV-10
  • AV-S
  • AV-30
  • AV-M