Manufacturers and producers need the confidence that their product will retain its texture, flavor and appearance with high-pressure processing (HPP). Avure provides in-house food science, chemistry lab, and advanced microbiology services.

Five reasons to trust your HPP recipe to Avure

  1. By combining food science with the world’s highest throughput HPP machines, you’ll work with a single company committed to your product and business success.
  2. We proof your recipes in our food science kitchen, and test them on a full-size production machine. We’ll work with you to make adjustments to the formulation to optimize flavor, texture and appearance.
  3. Avure can give advice about flavor profiles and make recommendations for modifying recipes to create a delicious HPP product.
  4. Food safety. Avure’s intensive microbiological laboratory runs tests to ensure that food is safe and pathogens are inactivated.
  5. Original HPP recipes. Put in your order for a unique HPP-friendly food or beverage.