Whether supplying domestic or international export markets, you can count on our expertise for superior fresh arrivals. Fresh produce technology is the leading global provider of postharvest solutions, and is uniquely positioned to serve you with advanced technologies and services whatever you need and wherever you may be located.

We understand the challenges packers are faced with when trying to supply superior fruit year after year at the retail level. With each pack line so distinct, each fruit so unique, and each market so specific, achieving top quality arrivals require dynamic packing strategies. We recognize the vital need for a spectrum of coating products that can address your specific requirements throughout the season. Browse through our line of coating products, and with help from our technical service team we are sure you’ll find one or more to suit your needs.

The JBT G-3 Labeler is the most sophisticated produce labeler available on the market today.  We raised the labeling bar by modernizing labeling systems and providing value added options that help our customers reduce their costs. The advanced JBT labeling system utilizes patented drive technology to provide smooth, reliable, high speed label transfer to a variety of produce commodities.

With JBT you can be sure that you can achieve the optimal balance to meet your yield, quality and throughput goals while ensuring food safety, extending the shelf-life of your products and producing at the lowest possible per unit cost.

90° Anniversary of FPT

In September 2019, JBT celebrates the 90th Anniversary of its Fresh Produce Technologies (FPT) business: the long, rich history of our post-harvest solutions. For more information: CLICK HERE



  • Cutting-edge coatings, cleaners, and decay control products to enhance appearance, improve arrivals and minimize loss.
  • Monitoring and application systems to ensure effective and efficient delivery of products.
  • Shrinkage control (weight loss), enhanced shine, flavor retention and carrier of postharvest fungicides.
  • Custom formulations for commodity, variety, weather, climate and season.
  • Regulatory compliance for organic, kosher and halal.


  • Patented drive technology and modular construction for superior performance.
  • High-speed labeling advantage with transfer speeds up to 900 pieces per minutes with a 95% or better hit rate.
  • Proprietary equipment design and construction for improved durability, increase lifespan, and reduced maintenance.
  • State-of-the-Art, micro-thin labels suitable for use on a broad range of produce.


  • Durable equipment engineered for years of production.
  • Custom designs specific to your commodity.
  • Modular components for product that requires flexible packing options.
  • Varying levels of food safe designs to meet your specific application.
  • Ongoing aftermarket sales and service support.