Comprehensive lines of fruit and vegetable processing equipment for a wide range of food businesses

JBT, The Right Choice for Your Vegetable & Fruit Processing

JBT’s broad collection of fruit and vegetable processing machinery can handle whatever creating your food product requires. Whether you just need individual pieces of equipment or to establish a fully-integrated processing line from scratch, we have what you need.

You’ll find solutions for:

  • Every step of the process, from preparation to preservation, from freezing to conveying and packaging, and more.
  • Packing or processing a cornucopia of produce – including citrus fruittomatoesmangos, tropical and temperate fruit, a wide variety of berries, melons, and vegetables.

Using cutting-edge technologies, our vegetable and fruit processing equipment captures the true taste, texture, and appearance of fresh and processed produce. It does all this while also locking in peak freshness and nutritional value!

Smart Engineering for Better Food Processing

Anything that streamlines your food processing activities is probably a welcome addition to your business. JBT really takes this to heart. In fact, it’s central to our entire design and building undertaking.

We’ve thoughtfully and intelligently engineered in functionality to boost productivity, increase equipment longevity, preserve value, and more. The results – a windfall for you – include:

  • Construction that leverages the latest processes and materials
  • Compatibility with other vegetable and fruit processing machinery
  • Customizability and configurability to your requirements
  • Requires less time for operator training and to get up and running
  • Longer service life and higher resale value

Food Processing Made Easy

There’s a machine for every task, and you can assemble this equipment into a complete production line. You can see how creating a purpose-built, dedicated solution for your food product can resolve many of the challenges you face.

  • Automated processing
  • Simple, intuitive controls
  • Minimal training needed to operate
  • Reduces opportunities for human error
  • Options to address your specific needs

Better yet, JBT’s fruit and vegetable processing machinery makes hitting your operational targets – such as achieving and maintaining product quality, upping productivity, reducing downtime, and so on – simple. It’s part and parcel of using our equipment.

Built-In Reliability

There’s no room in your schedule for downtime. When processing equipment’s offline, your ingredients can spoil and your workers are idle. You need machinery you can count on – all day, every day. 

We understand all the implications, and completely agree. That’s why JBT’s vegetable and fruit processing equipment is made to be incredibly durable. It’s solidly constructed using the sturdiest materials. Because of this attention to detail and quality, you’ll experience:

  • Easier and minimal maintenance
  • Fewer, less frequent, and less severe operational issues
  • Fewer and shorter usage interruptions due to operational issues

Features & Benefits

JBT’s fruit and vegetable processing equipment is as loaded with features as those juices you’re pressing are packed with nutrients. All these capabilities make for food production that’s consistently as rapid, accurate, and safe as possible.

  • Efficient – Continuous process for optimal extraction of vegetable juice/puree
  • Sanitary – Hygienic design and construction for enhanced clean-ability
  • Adaptability – Able to process a variety of products
  • Extensible – Can add on secondary processing equipment for sterilization, aseptic filling, concentration/evaporation
  • Innovation – Extensive testing capabilities to help facilitate product development
  • Support – Global support staff to help as needed

If you have any questions about these features – or how they benefit your operations – contact our team today.

Comprehensive FoodTech Solutions

JBT offers an array of high-quality equipment to handle the many processes involved in food processing. Because each kind of food product can require a distinct method of preparation, we carry a complete selection of:

Plus, we have the washersconveyors, and packagers you need before, during, and after each step.

With JBT you have the luxury of flexibility. You can pick and choose individual pieces of machinery. Alternately, you can take advantage of our end-to-end fruit and vegetable processing solutions. Either way, we make assembling your production line incredibly straightforward and hassle-free.

Trusted Equipment Brands

Even if you’re not familiar with the big fruit and vegetable processing machinery manufacturers, that’s okay. Rest assured that JBT proudly carries some of the most-respected makes and models in the industry.

Don’t take our word for it, though. The proof’s in the real world. For example, JBT systems are so well-regarded that they’re relied upon to squeeze over 75% of all citrus juices globally.

Take a look at These Top Brands

Outfitting Your Entire Food Production Line

Whether you’re looking to replace a single machine or set up a whole new processing system, JBT has what you need. Our total portfolio of products – which is extensive – has at least one or two options for each task at hand.

With the quality, quantity, and variety of fruit and vegetable processing equipment we offer, you’re able to:

  • Conveniently do one-stop shopping for equipment
  • Customize your production line to best suit your needs
  • Mix and match brands so you get exactly what you want
  • Easily replace individual components of your existing production line
  • Respond more agilely to production process or regulatory changes
  • More seamlessly scale your production

If nothing else, just know that JBT can supply you with the right equipment to get the job done properly.

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JBT, Your Partner in FoodTech

There’s no need to look beyond JBT for your end-to-end fruit and vegetable processing business’s needs.

A Better Approach

At JBT, it’s not good enough to just sell you something and move on. That doesn’t show you the attention and respect you deserve.

Instead, we like to build a richer, more constructive long-term relationship with you. We aspire to create rapport that you’d likely describe as collaborative, engaging, and conversational. In this way, JBT can serve you more thoughtfully and holistically now – and in the future.

Research & Technology Centers

This is a remarkable and unique perk that we offer. More than just a test kitchen or lab, JBT’s Research & Technology Centers let you try out machines, explore production line set-ups, and perfect your recipes and techniques. You’ll also have access to technical expertise and loads of data.

Connect with Our Experts

JBT’s been amassing industry knowledge and experience since the 1880s. Take advantage of this! Let our dedicated and skilled team be your go-to FoodTech resource.

We provide this extra level of support because we know running a food processing enterprise can be complex. Don’t hesitate to contact us if:

  • You have questions.
  • You aren’t sure which machines to buy.
  • You want professional input as you plan for capital investment.

JBT’s here to help you.