The JBT READYGo CHOPPER/BLENDER is a versatile system that quickly reduces frozen product to a flowable or pumpable condition.No longer must drums of frozen juice thaw for hours with resulting loss of quality. Instead, frozen concentrate, single strength juice or pulp can be processed soon after it is removed from the cold room.Containers of various sizes and shapes, up to and including fifty-five gallon drums, can be accommodated by the Chopper/Blender. 

Features & Benefits

  • One complete platform to process frozen material
  • Includes an interlocked drum gate and platform access for safety purpose
  • No time or money dedicated to installation, design, or purchase of additional pieces
  • 300 gallon capacity powered by a 5HP 3-phase motor and able to handle up to 500 lbs


  • The READYGo CHOPPER/BLENDER is a highly versatile machine that quickly reduces frozen products
  • It specializes in concentrated citrus juice products but can also be used for other products, as long as the item has been modified for the specific customer’s needs

Options & Models

  • Optional CIP solution supply system may be installed to allow fully integrated cleanup