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Our Chopper/Blender is a versatile machine that quickly reduces frozen product to a flow able or pumpable condition. No longer must drums of frozen juice thaw for hours with resulting loss of quality.Instead, frozen concentrate, single strength juice or pulp can be processed soon after it is removed from the cold room.

Features & Benefits

  • A fifty-five gallon drum of frozen 45° Brix concentrate can be processed in about 2½ minutes
  • Fifty-five gallons of frozen single strength juice can be crushed in approximately 4 minutes and a five gallon pail of frozen pulp can be processed in approximately 2 minutes
  • Containers of various sizes and shapes, up to and including fifty-five gallon drums, can be accommodated by the Chopper/Blender
  • Key water jacket information: 190 °F (87.7 °C) hot water to the heating jacket; less than 15 psi (1.06 kg\cm2) pressure


  • The Chopper/Blender tank is 3′ 9″ (1.143 m) in diameter and 5′ (1.524 m) deep with a capacity of 300 gallons (1135 liters)
  • The heavy duty chopper assembly consists of a 3″ (76.2 cm) diameter shaft with spiral cutter blades
  • 5 hp totally enclosed, 1800 rpm, 3 phase motor through a 200 to 1 speed reducer
  • Dimensions: 8′-6″ (2.59 m) height by 4′-3″ (1.29 m) width by 8′-6″ (2.51 m) long
  • Power: 220/440 V, 3 phase 60 HZ or 50 HZ
  • Net weight: 2,875 Ibs. (1304kg)

Options & Models

  • Chopper/Blender