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A versatile system that quickly reduces frozen products to a pumpable condition

JBT’s Chopper/Blender SE machine redefines what’s possible when managing frozen liquid products. Its compact design and high-powered performance go above and beyond what traditional methods can accomplish, allowing you to reduce frozen products into a pumpable liquid in just a few minutes. 

The system not only adds power and yield control to your operation, it also reduces strain on your workers. With a simple control system and ergonomic floor-level access, the Chopper/Blender SE offers easy and efficient operation. Not only will you increase your production capabilities and yield, but you’ll also see a significant improvement in the quality and value of your end product.

By reducing thaw times for frozen drums, you can quickly and efficiently move your product to the next step of processing, maintaining integrity and freshness. From frozen juice concentrate and single-strength juice to pulp, JBT’s commercial chopper blender has the power to streamline your operations and increase your bottom line.

Features & Benefits

The Chopper/Blender SE boasts an impressive range of versatile applications and configurations so that you can fit it seamlessly into your current system. Straightforward and easy operation doesn’t have to come at the expense of heavy-duty processing performance. 

Some of the Chopper/Blender SE’s high-tech features include:

  • Reduced footprint – The Chopper/Blender SE is entirely electric and comes in a compact design, allowing the system to fit into smaller production spaces.
  • Rapid processing– With a capacity of 80 gallons and a frozen-juice drum processing rate of four barrels per hour, you’ll see a notable improvement in your production capabilities.
  • Reliable construction – Stainless-steel surfaces and components provide long-lasting, high-quality functionality.
  • Easy operation – Easy frozen-juice pail or drum introduction, low-volume ingredient addition, and ergonomic floor-level access reduce training requirements and allows for safe and efficient usability.
  • High performance – With a hot-water jacket surrounding the bottom of the tank and a 1.9 cubic-foot heating jacket that lines the underside of the intake chute, the system can effectively reduce frozen liquid products to a pumpable condition that can then be easily thawed.

The compact design of the Chopper/Blender SE allows producers greater flexibility in terms of floor plan and processing efficiency. Regardless of the size of your floor, this machine can be incorporated into your operation without wasting space or requiring excessive manual labor.

Easy & Worry-Free Thawing of Frozen Products

With traditional methods, frozen units have to be thawed over the course of several hours, resulting in an abundance of wasted time as well as a significant drop in product quality. The Chopper/Blender SE, however, can reduce large frozen drums to a thin juice in just minutes, protecting the integrity and quality of your end product and saving you time and money.


Do you provide training on how to use this system?

Yes! At JBT, we go beyond providing top-of-the-line FoodTech equipment to our customers. We ensure that you get access to the full breadth of our services. This includes maintenance services, an expert support team with 24/7 availability, access to replacement parts and upgrades, and in-depth training for your staff so you can get the most out of your machines – including the Chopper/Blender SE.

What is the effective fill level of the chopper/blender?

The Chopper/Blender SE offers a more compact design than our more heavy-duty equipment, but that doesn’t mean you can’t achieve high efficiency and maximum performance. The system tank is 42” deep with a diameter of 32”, allowing for an optimal fill level of 80 gallons with a typical production rate of four drums per hour.

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