JBT - AutoCoding Systems

AutoCoding Systems provide automation and control solutions for the packaging line predominantly in food and beverage industries. AutoCoding Systems’ products comprise a proven range of modular applications, from entry level coding integrity solutions through to complete set-up and control of all packaging line devices. This includes coders, barcode scanners, labellers, tray sealing machinery, metal detection, check-weighing and X-Ray equipment, as well as vision solutions.

The AutoCoding system automatically sets-up and controls all types of packaging line devices, irrespective of brand or technology. By removing the requirement for operators to set up the devices, not only is the risk of human error eliminated, but also the amount of downtime during set-up and changeover time is greatly reduced and the reliability of line set-up is increased.

By using a modular approach, factories can gradually create “smart” packaging lines, error proofing primary, secondary and tertiary packaging in the process. The various “value-add” modules, including Paperless Quality, Line Performance Reporting and Inspection Reporting, enable equipment and applications to work together with minimal human intervention, allowing them to communicate, share data and report back on performance and quality.

With a Head Office in the UK and subsidiaries in the US and Australia, packaging lines all over the world are already protected by AutoCoding’s solutions. They have many years of successful project experience working directly with leading food and beverage manufacturers, as well as excellent OEM relationships with all leading suppliers within production automation, coding and inspection industries.


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