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Formcook is a world leading JBT brand of in-line, non-stick contact cooking. Our product range includes Contact and Combi Cookers.

Contact Cooking transfers heat to a product via two cooking belts which run between heating plates. It is the most effective method of transferring heat, providing fast cooking, high yields, quick changeovers and easy cleaning.

Our Contact Cooker seals the natural juiciness and natural fats inside your products for the highest quality and minimum cooking losses.

The Formcook Combi Cooker has the unique advantages of contact cooking and convection/steam cooking. Products are processed on the bottom by a solid non-stick cooking belt that runs over heating plates. The top is cooked by a combination of steam and hot air to provide the optimal temperature and color.

A Combi Cooker is the most versatile oven, allowing all types of solid and semi-viscous products to be processed with a natural homemade appearance. Clean and solid cooking belts can easily handle heavy marinated products. No belt mark on product and it will retain its natural shape, giving your product a light and tender structure.


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