Fruits & Nuts

Integrated technologies and intelligent solutions to propel your production lines into the future and empower you to carve out your competitive advantage

Fruits and Nuts

JBT has a long and rich heritage in the primary processing of fruits and nuts. Over the years, we have dedicated countless hours to research, education, and innovation to individually master each intricate step of transforming raw material into finished products prepared for human consumption. Our primary customers include citrus, tomato, tropical, and temperature fruit processors as well as leaders in the secondary processing of tomato-based sauces, fruit jams, and juices.

We understand the unique demands of the fruit- and nut-processing industries and offer targeted solutions to ameliorate the difficulties processors face in their production lines and business strategies. We develop and manufacture the most cutting-edge, innovative, and data-driven machinery in the entire food-processing industry. 

Our core technologies focus on the preparation, enzymatic inactivation, extraction, concentration, freezing and filling of your fruits, nuts, and vegetables. Sterilization and/or pasteurization can also be accomplished either thermally or via High-Pressure Processing (HPP).

Cutting-Edge Features to Meet Your Needs

JBTs fruit and nut processors meet the highest standards of efficiency, precision, flexibility, user safety, and end-product quality and freshness. Every piece of machinery we manufacture is carefully designed and rigorously tested. We’re dedicated to continued innovation, not just meeting today’s expectations and standards, but anticipating those of tomorrow. Features include:

  • Superior versatility — From our extractors, to our evaporators and concentrators, to our produce-labeling systems, all our equipment is designed to process fruit of all shapes, sizes, and varieties.
  • Improved quality and freshness — We are the leading global supplier of post-harvest produce solutions for preserving appearance, color, texture, and taste characteristics as well as extending shelf-life. Our Almond Surface Pasteurization System delivers a pathogen-free product without altering the raw-like flavor and appearance of the nut.
  • Advanced sterilization and pasteurization — Our machinery can effectively and efficiently sterilize and/or pasteurize your products thermally or via High-Pressure Processing (HPP).
  • Improved product uniformity — From fresh produce to jams, juices, and purees, our processors are designed to boost efficiency and increase your yield without sacrificing uniformity.

Designed for Seamless Integration

Our extensive range of fruit and nut processing equipment is designed to comprehensively meet all your production-line needs from start to finish. However, we also carefully developed our machinery to ensure its seamless integration into your existing setups and systems. 

No one knows your industry better than you do. Mixing and matching processing equipment can be a delicate task; however, JBT’s advanced technologies are flexible and customizable, empowering you and your workforce and giving you true control over your unique processing approaches and strategies.

Unmatched, Ongoing Customer Service & Support

We stand behind our equipment and beside our partners. We’re more than a supplier. When you choose to work with us, you benefit from our expertise, support, and service. We offer professional guidance, industry expertise, and ongoing maintenance and support services to ensure you get the highest value possible from our equipment and solutions.

Our Products

From post-harvest cleaners and fungicides, to labeling systems, to fillers and closers, to juice processing equipment, our expansive collection of fruit and nut processing equipment is both targeted and integrable. Tell us about your unique requirements, goals, and concerns, and we can help you select the right solutions to meet your needs.

Frigoscandia FloFREEZE IQF

Frigoscandia FLoFREEZE® IQF Freezer

Economic and user-friendly cooling solutions designed for efficiently, reliably, and hygienically individual quick freezing (IQF) a wide assortment of food products.

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JBT Avure HPP high pressure processor for pharmaceutical manufacturing

High Pressure Processors (HPP)

Our Avure HPP solutions ensure your products meet consumer demand for freshness, flavor, nutrition, and safety. They improve shelf-life, taste, and reliability, leading to higher profits.

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JBT T.A.S.T.E. Evaporator

Evaporators & Concentrators

Our highly versatile line of evaporators and concentrators yields high-quality results in multiple categories, particularly pastes and juices.

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JBT Sterideal DR Heat Exchanger

Pasteurizers & Sterilizers

Our pasteurization and in-container sterilization solutions are renowned in diverse markets around the globe for their superior temperature distribution and low utility consumption.

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Juicers - Finishers - Extractors

Juicers, Finishers & Extractors

As the world’s leading provider of citrus juice extraction, we have a wide selection of standardized and fully customizable juicers for fruits and vegetables of all types.

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Process Systems

JBT provides turnkey process system solutions to a variety of industries, standing above the competition in terms of design, custom fabrication, and installation.

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alco Curve Conveyor AKB 180

Sizers, Sorters, Loaders & Conveyors

Reliable, high-capacity transporting, sifting, and feeding systems capable of moving a wide variety of ingredients and finished products through the production line.

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Clipping & Packaging

Full-spectrum of innovative automated and semi-automated clip packaging machines and closure, hanging, and labeling materials for a range of industries and application.

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Related Solutions

JBT’s fruit and nut processing solutions stand head and shoulders above current market expectations; we pride ourselves on taking the best from proven technologies and innovating new, cutting edge solutions for our domestic and global partners.

JBT: Your Faithful Partner in FoodTech

At JBT, we’re proud of our long history of dedication to and collaboration with our partners. Our mission is to provide food-processing equipment to accommodate businesses big and small in all industries and markets. We’re dedicated to developing solutions and systems that target your specific needs while also focusing on reliability, customizability, efficiency, and effectiveness.

By working with JBT, you’ll have the opportunity to:

  • Browse our extensive catalog of premium equipment
  • Customize production designs and operations
  • Utilize equipment from a variety of different brands to optimize your production approaches
  • Replace parts and equipment components to keep your production lines running smoothly

You can also take advantage of personalized services such as upgrade kits, parts, service and maintenance, and training.

Innovation Across Diverse Markets

JBT is honored to work with a broad range of companies that specialize in a variety of domestic and global markets. We’re grateful for the diversity our partner’s offer, and we’re committed to consistently breaking down barriers to deliver the most modern, innovative commercial-grade equipment to help you better serve your customers. We specialize in a wide variety of markets, including:

JBT’s Centers for Research & Development

Over the years, we’ve built a reputation as a collaborative, people-first industry leader. When you work with us, you gain coveted access to our global Research & Technology Centers. Within the walls of these hubs of innovation and research, you’ll get the opportunity to work directly with our experts as you perfect your processes and recipes, develop your goals, and test new equipment and approaches.

World-Class Expertise & Support at Your Fingertips

For over a century, JBT has worked tirelessly to become specialists in every food-processing industry and market. We’re uniquely qualified to offer comprehensive guidance and expertise to confront your most pressing challenges. Whether you need assistance with maintenance and training, are looking for help branching out into new markets, or are looking for ways to optimize your production-line setup, our team of experienced specialists is here to help.

We provide comprehensive, high-level support to our partners because we know how difficult and complex their work is, and we know that by working together, we can build a better future for all. Contact us today with inquiries, questions, or concerns. Our team of experts is ready to help!


We’re here to help every step of the way.