Upgrade Kits

As your product range changes, or as production grows, your existing equipment is not always perfectly suited to give you the best throughput, quality or food safety. We understand clearly what you need – to get the most from your equipment, and even to enhance its performance.

Click the link below to explore our freezer upgrade kits. For upgrade kits related to Coating, Cooking, Frying and Filtration, Pasteurization, Portioning and Slicing, Process and Line Control, Proofing or Refrigeration, please call +1 800 408 7788, and select option 7.

For kits related to Citrus Processing, Fresh Produce Preservation, Produce Labeling, Fresh’n Squeeze® Point-of-Sale Juicers, Fruit and Vegetable Processing, Aseptic Filling or Tomato Processing, please email [email protected].

You may also visit our Locations page to obtain contact information for the nearest JBT office that supports your product line, as well as recently acquired brands.

Filler and Closer equipment - Retrofit kits | JBT FoodTech

Filler & Closer Equipment – Retrofit Kits

JBT has introduced a continuous improvement program with a series of retrofit kits for our level fillers, weight fillers, Unifillers, can closers and cappers.

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JBT Customer Care

Fillers & Seamers

Optimize the uptime and asset intensity of your JBT fillers and seamers with our upgrade kits.

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JBT PRoCARE Technician

Freezer Upgrade Kits

Whether you want to enhance equipment capacity or improve operating safety, our wide range of upgrade kits are designed to maximize return on your original investment.

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JBT SF&DS Upgrade Kits - Aseptic Systems | JBT FoodTech

JBT SF&DS Upgrade Kits

JBT SF&DS Upgrade Kits can give you more throughput, greater operating safety and better hygiene on you exisiting equipment – with quality result.

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PLF Upgrade Kits - Powder Processing Systems | JBT FoodTech

JBT PLF Upgrade Kits

PLF Upgrade Kits are recommended by our engineers for maintenance or regular care of equipment.

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Retort & Rotary Sterilizers - Upgrade Kits | JBT FoodTech

Retort & Rotary Sterilizer Kits

We engineer options & upgrades and provide specific customer care services for JBT sterilizers to optimize your uptime and asset intensity.

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