Energy Recovery System (ERS)


Lower utilities by reducing steam and cooling water consumption by using the Energy Recovery System Upgrade Kit

The Energy Recovery System is a upgrade kit for SWS Retorts. The system uses hot and cold-water tanks that transfer energy between the come-up and cooling portions of the retort’s thermal process. Energy is extracted during the cooling phase and is utilized for heating in the come-up phase.

Features & Benefits

  • Does not send superheated water back to your cooling tower
  • No cold water from the cooling tower is used during the first part of the cooling phase reducing cooling tower load
  • System collects energy from the hot process water during the first portion of the cooling phase
  • Transfers heat energy to the cold process water during the first portion of the come-up phase
  • No steam consumption during the first part of the come-up phase reducing boiler steam demand


Sustainable Solutions ERS

How does it work?

Heat from the hot cooling water is collected and stored. The stored heat energy will be transferred to the cold process water once the next retort come-up phase starts. The JBT supplied control system manages and monitors the ERS performance.



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