Juices & Beverages Production

Juice and Beverage

High-tech juice and beverage production solutions designed to cut costs, reduce waste, and improve end-product quality

From primary processing to final retail packaging, JBT offers complete line solutions for the juice and beverage production industry. Whether you’re making fruit juices, non-carbonated beverages, or dairy-based drinks, our top-of-the-line equipment has the capability and versatility to get the job done.

Throughout our long history, JBT has perfected the art of delivering specialized services and solutions in a variety of markets and industries. Through the creation of our Liquid Foods business unit, we have developed a keen understanding of juice and beverage processing that ensures the highest quality of safety, freshness, and taste.

But achieving the perfect product doesn’t always mean having to complicate your operations or overspend. With our innovative solutions and dedicated support team, you can not only increase your output in terms of quality and yield, you can simplify and streamline your entire process. Through a partnership with JBT, you will see a significant improvement in product quality and output as well as a notable decrease in unnecessary expenses and physical labor. Our extensive selection of juicers, extractors, evaporators, fillers, and more is not only designed to produce superior products, but our solutions are also perfectly crafted to fit in seamlessly with your existing production line, saving you money and precious time.

Innovation & Ongoing Improvement in Juice & Beverage Technology

Our ongoing commitment to quality and our customer-focused approach has made us an industry leader in fruit processing and liquid food production. But despite our reputation as the dominant force behind FoodTech solutions, our mission to consistently improve and innovate never rests. This is why our relationships with our partners only become stronger over time. We take the time to listen to both new and long-term customers to continue to expand our knowledge of current and future industry needs and concerns. As an industry leader and trusted partner, collaboration and a commitment to change and innovation is the only way to truly forge new paths in fruit and juice technology.

A Global Leader in the Juice & Beverage Industries

Over the years, Liquid Foods has utilized our expertise and dedication to expand operations to over 15 countries and 5 technology centers around the globe. Our presence in these global environments is continuing to grow, particularly in crucial markets in Asia. Our unique hold on these diverse markets has allowed us to become the primary supplier of targeted juice & beverage processing technologies related to:

  • Citrus fruits 
  • Tomatoes 
  • Temperate fruits 
  • Tropical fruits
  • Vegetables

This experience and dedication to growing our relationships and knowledge of the ins and outs of these industries have given us unique insight into the needs of a wide variety of diverse global markets.

Complete Solutions for Your Entire Line

Our line of total solutions in juice and liquid food processing are more than just machines. They cover the entire breadth of the process and are designed to create superior output from start to finish. Whether you’re looking to improve taste and product quality in the earliest stages of primary processing or want to extend shelf-life and increase the general output of packaged goods, our diverse selection of equipment prioritizes safety and quality no matter the product or stage of processing. 

Each element of your production line has a vital role in achieving your desired outcome, and our solutions are expertly crafted to optimize each step while simultaneously streamlining the entire operation. No matter your needs or concerns, JBT has what it takes to provide you ideal technological solutions for every step, including:

  • Preparation & handling
  • Extraction
  • Finishing
  • Aseptic processing
  • Evaporation
  • Filling & packaging
  • Ingredient recovery
  • Mixing & blending

Our Products

We offer a wide range of premium equipment that offer you both targeted and multifaceted operations from high-quality juicers, to our integrated multi-step processing skids, to our high-pressure systems that improve and extend product quality, freshness, and shelf-life. No matter your goals and concerns, our machines are sure to produce superior products in terms of taste, freshness, and overall yield across juice and beverage industries.

Juicers - Finishers - Extractors

Juicers, Finishers & Extractors

As the world’s leading provider of citrus juice extraction, we have a wide selection of standardized and fully customizable juicers for fruits and vegetables of all types.

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JBT T.A.S.T.E. Evaporator

Evaporators & Concentrators

Our highly versatile line of evaporators and concentrators yields high-quality results in multiple categories, particularly pastes and juices.

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JBT Level Filler Infeed


Our wide selection of aseptic and rotary fillers is perfectly suited for a variety of products. Whether low or high velocity, liquid or solid, you’re sure to find the perfect filler for your production line.

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JBT Avure HPP high pressure processor for pharmaceutical manufacturing

High Pressure Processors (HPP)

Our Avure HPP solutions ensure your products meet consumer demand for freshness, flavor, nutrition, and safety. They improve shelf-life, taste, and reliability, leading to higher profits.

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JBT Sterideal DR Heat Exchanger

Pasteurizers & Sterilizers

Our pasteurization and in-container sterilization solutions are renowned in diverse markets around the globe for their superior temperature distribution and low utility consumption.

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Related Solutions

JBT has the knowledge, experience, and motivation to help you achieve your business goals in the fruit and beverage industries.

JBT: Setting the Standard for Food Processing Technology for Over 100 Years

From our earliest years as the Bean Pump Spray Company in the 1880s, we have never settled for good enough. Our goal has always been simple yet ambitious: to constantly reinvent what is possible in FoodTech. You understand your industry and goals better than anyone, and to reach those goals, you’ll need to develop partnerships with people who put your interests first and are dedicated to developing a clear understanding of the challenges you face. Throughout our long history, JBT has never once backed down from a challenge. Our #1 priority is to provide the most effective solutions to our customers in terms of health and safety, efficacy, consistency, precision, and quality.

As a proven leader in FoodTech, JBT has the solutions you need in the juice and beverage industry. With unique insight into diverse global markets and a shining track record in producing high-quality, modern machinery, there’s nothing we can’t accomplish, and no standard is set too high.

Targeted Solutions Across Diverse Markets

It’s often been thought that you have to choose between tackling the big picture or small details. Throughout our work in FoodTech, JBT has managed to do both seamlessly. By working with a variety of unique clients in diverse industries, we have developed extensive knowledge and expertise in multiple distinct markets, including:

Collaboration as the Framework for Success

With JBT, you’re far more than just a customer. We believe that cultivating genuine trust and long-term partnerships is the key to achieving true progress in the food and beverage processing industries. Our job is to offer high-tech targeted solutions to diverse industries across markets, and the best way for us to reach our goals is to ensure that you reach yours. With us, you’ll not only have a reliable manufacturer — you’ll also have a trusted partner and support system at your fingertips to help you overcome any hardships or obstacles you may be facing. Whether you need assistance with your market needs or your production line, JBT is here to help bring your business into the future.

In such competitive industries, we’ve learned that working together is the only way to truly achieve success and broaden opportunities for us all.

Our Ultra-Modern Research & Technology Centers

As one of our partners, you won’t just benefit from our wide selection of sophisticated products. You’ll also have complete access to our many Research and Technology Centers around the world. You’ll partner with our industry experts who will work tirelessly to find the targeted solutions you need for even the toughest challenges. 

At our centers, you’ll be able to:

  • Explore and test equipment and view production-line setups to incorporate into your operation
  • Fine-tune your recipes and technical approach
  • Inspect product quality, safety, artisanship, and compliance with industry standards
  • Get full access to a treasure trove of industry data and learn first hand from our knowledgeable experts

Integrated Solutions & Superior Support With JBT

The FoodTech industry has undergone transformational change in the last century, and JBT has been at the forefront of that change. We’ve remained determined to continually raise the bar of food-processing technology, consistently setting new standards and forging new trails in many diverse markets. Now, we’re here to share what we’ve learned with our partners so that you can achieve your most ambitious goals. 

When you work with JBT, you’ll not only have access to our top-of-the-line technological solutions – you’ll also have access to our expert support team. Whether you have questions about equipment, are looking for insight into how to cultivate an efficient production line, or need advice from our industry insiders. 

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