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A complete array of vegetables processing equipment and systems designed to meet the diverse handling and processing needs of many markets segments

Potatoes, Mushrooms & Vegetables

JBT, the Cream of the Crop for Vegetables Processing Lines

If you based assumptions on today’s grocery aisles and cases, you might think every vegetable comes in just about every form:

  • Fresh, frozen, dried, canned
  • Singles, multi-bundles, mixed medleys
  • Raw, ready-to-cook, prepared
  • Whole, riced, spiralized, julienned, chopped
  • Juiced, pureed, sauced, souped

This kaleidoscope of formats and ingredients presents some major challenges for food processors. This is further complicated by consumer trends that shift faster than last week’s produce that’s been sitting in the sun.

JBT specializes in machinery capable of cutting all your vegetable and potato production needs down to size. We understand that each segment has specific requirements. That’s easy enough for JBT to handle, though. Our portfolio includes a complete line of equipment with key features that can:

  • Prep vegetables and other base components
  • Blend, cook, or otherwise transform ingredients according to your recipe
  • Fill and seal containers with your product
  • Sterilize or pasteurize for food safety and shelf-stability
  • Package and label your products for distribution and sale

We offer everything your operations need to go from the primary processing to palletizing final products for shipping. Bolstered by support from our intelligent software management systems and skilled specialists, you’ll get a full — and incomparable — solution from JBT. This total suite of products and services translates into:

  • Finished goods that maintain their original color, texture, and nutritional profile
  • Products you can count on to be safe
  • The agility and robustness to meet ever-changing market demands
  • Admirable operating costs and ROI
  • Exceptional equipment that’s easy to own and operate 

With JBT, you can rest assured that you’re getting quality, value, selection, and a healthy heaping of success factor.

Features & Benefits

Taking a cue from nature — which packed vegetables full of features better known as vitamins and minerals — JBT’s included plenty of incredible functionality into our equipment. While they don’t directly promote good health, the abundant features in JBT equipment will help you produce foods quickly, accurately, and safely.

  • Fidelity — Advanced solutions enable the creation of end products that retain texture, color, and nutritional value of original ingredients
  • Sanitary — Hygienic design and construction for enhanced clean-ability
  • Adaptability — Able to process a variety of products
  • Customizable — Solutions can be tailored to meet your business’s requirements
  • Versatility — Can combine different equipment for countless manufacturing options
  • Extensible — Can add on equipment for additional processing
  • Innovation — Extensive testing capabilities to help facilitate product development
  • Support — Global support staff available to help

Have questions about these features or how they benefit your operations? Reach out today.

Superior Equipment for Better Vegetables Processing

Smart design is elegant. But it’s truly meaningful only when it helps solve problems. That’s what JBT is all about when we set ourselves to engineering our products.

We fold in input from many sources to create offerings that go above and beyond the expected or the norm. It’s how we create solutions that:

  • Ensure durable equipment you can count on
  • Streamline operations
  • Raise productivity
  • Require less operator training
  • Are faster to implement and deploy
  • Address your needs
  • Use resources more efficiently
  • Assist in achieving functional KPIs

JBT is committed to innovation and excellence at all phases of design and construction. Because we extend a lot of effort looking at FoodTech from both the 30,000-foot and 3-foot levels, you’ll experience:

  • Reduced and easier upkeep
  • Fewer and less severe equipment service problems
  • Less downtime associated with operational issues

The net result is that JBT equipment significantly improves your business by helping it run smarter.

Equipping Your Whole Vegetables Processing Plant

JBT has the quality and selection of FoodTech you need to get every step of every process done right. Having a full complement of products at your disposal ups the likelihood that we can help you create the best products possible at optimal costs.

Our unbeatable machinery lets you:

  • Conveniently save time, effort, and money by sourcing all your equipment from one supplier
  • Tailor your production configuration to meet your specifications
  • Mix and match equipment brands so you have exactly what you want
  • Easily replace one-off pieces in your current fleet of machines
  • Be more agile so you can more readily respond to changes and scale your business

JBT’s upgrade kits and parts, detergents and lubricants, and services and maintenance take you the additional mile. By leveling up your operation with these ancillary items, you’ll get the most value out of your JBT investment.

And, no matter which or how many machines you’re buying, we know you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how easy JBT makes it to assemble your entire production line.

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Our Research & Technology Centers exceed your wildest ideas of what test kitchens or culinary labs are. These next-gen facilities let you try out equipment and production line layouts, hone your recipes and methodologies, and access technical expertise and data. These hubs are a stand-out perk that you’ll only get by working with JBT.

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