We are committed to keeping your portioning systems operating at peak efficiency.  Our DSI upgrade kits extend equipment service life, reduce maintenance cost or effort, or improve system performance. Upgrade kits are available to address component obsolescence or convert a machine to a different mode of operation. Our largest kit allows a DSI 844 to be expanded to an 888 over a long weekend, increasing the number of cutters from four to eight. 

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DSI 800 Series Portioning System

  • Stationary cutters with remote adjuster – Allows for easier adjustment of the stationary nozzle locations
  • Simply twist the knob to move both stationary nozzles while maintaining the distance between them or use the quick-release handles to move them individually
  • Service lights – With a separate power source
  • Our DSI Service light kit provides lighting inside the cut housing for production line viewing or for servicing the equipment when the machine is shut down
  • Jet Blocker cable clip kit – For customers with jet blockers this kit means less plastic in the cut housing
  • The quick-release design secures the jet blocker cables and tubing with no tools required
  • External runout encoder kit – Improves accuracy and uptime.
  • The new design provides easier access for servicing and does not require splitting the outfeed belt to replace the encoder.
  • Loading laser with remote adjuster
  • Allows the user to adjust the loading lasers without opening the scan enclosure. 
  • Simplifies moving the loading lasers by using the remote adjuster knob to move the lasers in unison
  • Tangential drive kicker kit – Using a magnetic clutch that won’t wear, the new kicker has a more robust chain drive and a design that provides easier access
  • Air knife kit – Creates a wall of air to control mist in the scan enclosure
  • Keel blower kit – Minimizes product build up on the outfeed conveyor belt by using pneumatic air to blow product off the outfeed conveyor belt
  • Two or four cutter upgrade – Converts an 844 to an 866 or 888.

DSI 600 Series Portioning System

  • Indradrive upgrade – This drive controller and motor replacement may include an optional backpan replacement or environmental upgrade
  • Hyperjet upgrade – Convert from 60,0000 psi to 87,000 psi system with coils and optional stationary nozzles.