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Produce more high-quality pounds per day with less maintenance effort and lower water use with the new DSI CT 32 Consistent Thickness Slicer. Maximize output with continuous blade movement and high-speed belts. Achieve smooth cuts and superior cut quality every time with a continuously moving blade. The compliant hold-down system eliminates high compression while slicing to reduce variations in product spring back. This results in more consistent thickness, smoother cuts, thicker tails, less product slope, and higher portioning yields.

Features & Benefits

  • Dual Lane Slicer – Width of individual lanes has been increased to handle jumbo-sized breast or side-by-side fillets
  • High-speed, continuously moving blade allows the slicer to be integrated seamlessly into automated lines
  • Patented compliant hold-down system achieves superior results on highly variable incoming product thickness. Improves consistency of slice thickness up to 30% compared to a typical slicer.
  • Simple, mechanical adjustment allows operators to change slicer thickness in seconds – with no need to stop the line!
  • Improves consistency of slice thickness up to 30% compared to a typical slicer


  • Process whole breast meat as heavy as 1,400 grams or half breasts
  • Slice product up to 3.5 inches (88.9 mm) thick
  • Up to 160 butterflies or 320 fillets per minute in the dual lane configuration (up to 80 butterflies or 160 fillets per minute in single-lane configuration)
  • 12.5” (320 mm) of usable belt width per lane
  • 80 feet per minute belt speed (24.4 meters per minute)
  • Simple switch from top slice removal to slit-and-slide
  • Compatible with DSI blade replacement tools
  • After setting the desired slice thickness, the appropriate compression is automatically applied
  • Utility Requirements
  • Electrical Power to CT 43 Panel 
  • Voltage: 380/480 VAC (50/60 HZ)
  • Phase: 3
  • Amperage: 30 Amps
  •  Water Supply
  • Low Pressure (Continuous Supply): 0.9 gal/min (3.3 L/min)
  • High Pressure: N/A
  •  Drain
  • 1.0-2.0 gal/min (3.7-7.5 L/min)
  •  Air
  •  N/A
  •  Ventilation
  •  N/A

Options & Models

  • Available in both single and dual lane configurations