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Our dual lane DSI Adaptive Slicer uses a horizontal band saw blade to control the thickness of the portioned product. The input product is held in place at the blade by a proprietary compliant hold system. An upstream scanning system and sophisticated software determines the most efficient use of each piece of raw product and sends an instruction to the servo controlled platens which quickly adjusts the slicer position to make the best use of each piece of the various sized incoming product.

Features & Benefits

  • Improves yield by adjusting for each piece and slicing only when necessary
  • Generates higher value trim by slicing after portioning
  • Integrates seamlessly with DSI portioning systems
  • Employs proven and reliable DSI control systems
  • Achieves superior thickness consistency


  • Combining our DSI Adaptive Slicer with our waterjet portioning system allows processors to achieve two, four, six or more portions per butterfly

Options & Models

  • Process Options:
  • Scan/Slice
  • Scan/Slice/Sort
  • Scan/Slice/Scan/Sort