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Our dual-lane X-ray guided waterjet portioning system combines the industry leading DSI™ 800 S series waterjet system with the new-generation Flexscan™ inspection system from the JBT Intelligent X-ray Inspection product lines.This new DSI X-ray system, focused on tougher pork applications such as pork ribs, determines the location of bones and other features, produces user-selectable products based upon bone and feature location, sorts the resulting products and reduces labor. Pork ribs and similar difficult meat products have traditionally been portioned or trimmed with 60,000 psi (4000 bar) pressure in waterjet systems pioneered by DSI.  More recently, DSI developed and offers an 87,000 psi (6000 bar) waterjet solution, achieving superior cutting performance on tougher food products, allowing automated processing to reach new applications while leading to significant labor reductions and improved product quality.

Features & Benefits

  • Reduces mist and noise from the waterjet via enhanced ventilation and jet capture
  • Improves performance, service life and reduces maintenance with upgraded cutter assembly
  • Provides flexibility and growth capacity with expandable modular platform, available in two, four, six or eight cutters
  • Reduces space requirement and provides ease of operation based on direct integration with JBT X-ray system