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JBT, the Grade A Choice in Portioning/Packaging Systems

Efficiently and accurately cutting poultry, meat, and seafood to produce into portioned fillets, nuggets, chunks, strips, and fat-trimmed products

With the demands of today’s marketplace, wouldn’t it be nice to have a cutting machine that was fast, precise, accurate, and all those other capabilities on your must-have list?

Don’t settle for just wistfully pondering these things when you can actually have them all in a DSI system. JBT’s DSI 800 series portioning system is the solution to your diverse and changing needs.

Our DSI portioning machines are trimming meats in a variety of industries around the world. In fact, because they’re so flexible these portioners can handle:

  • Cutting poultry into parts, fillets, medallions, strips, nuggets, and other complex shapes
  • Slicing red meat into steaks and loins
  • Producing pork bellies, trimmed ribs, tenderloins, and more
  • Creating fish fillets, sticks, and more

Available with two, four, or six moving cutters — as well as optional stationary cutters and JBT’s patented jet blockers — the DSI 800 portioning system is the industry leader. In addition having the highest throughput and most compact waterjet portioning system, it boasts: 

  • Higher yields
  • Reduced labor
  • Smaller footprint
  • More versatility
  • Easier switch-overs
  • Improved uptime
  • Less maintenance
  • Ergonomic
  • Integratable and extensible
  • Excellent support

The key to such incredible performance is the DSI 800’s cutting-edge technology. Each whole piece of meat is scanned as it enters into the machine. The system then automatically regulates the high-speed, robotic water-jet cutting head to create the desired portion or shape. Even better, the DSI Q-LINK™ Portioning Software provides a vast and growing library of portioning, trimming, and sorting possibilities.

With so many options, JBT’s portioning solutions give you the level of control you require to swiftly and smoothly plan for or respond to shifting consumer trends.

Features & Benefits

The DSI 800 from JBT comes with a full complement of features. It’s this functionality that enables you to quickly and safely produce fine food products every single day.

  • Productive — Automated portioning and trimming increases yield
  • Efficient — Requires significantly less labor than manual processing
  • Compact Requires only a small production space to provide high capacity output
  • Uptime — Quick-Pass calibration facilitates operational and scheduling optimization
  • Versatile — Programmable to accommodate a wide variety of changing products
  • Intelligent — JBT iOPS® system monitors performance in real time and issues automatic notifications
  • Adaptable — Can cut multiple shapes at the same time
  • Customizable — Modular and easy-to-integrate systems to meet changing product demands
  • High-yielding — Automated systems scans food and selects cut strategy for maximum yield
  • Innovative — Advanced hardware and software allow for continually-improved capabilities and flexibility
  • Support — Worldwide service, support, and resources

Contact JBT for more information on how these features can benefit your business.

Engineered for the Best Results

At JBT, we fanatically incorporate intelligent features and functionality into our equipment from concept to construction. Leveraging JBT’s years of experience, this thoughtful focus on detail also translates into advanced machinery that’s:

  • Eliminating excess food waste
  • Less vulnerable to unplanned service interruptions due to equipment issues
  • Configurable and adaptable
  • Compatibility with other food processing equipment
  • Easier to operate
  • Quicker to deploy
  • Got a longer service life
  • Got greater resale potential
  • Made using the latest processes and best materials
  • Designed and built to be durable

The net effect of all this? Exceptional value, ease-of-ownership, and the perpetual ability to streamline your production logistics. The clever features and functionality native to the DSI 800 can help you improve productivity, yields, costs, and product quality.

DSI Systems, Inc. — A Most Trusted Brand


You want equipment you can count on, right? We get it — wondering if your slicer is going to be on the fritz again makes it hard to operate effectively.

That’s why JBT only carries the top lines — like DSI. You already know their distinguished reputation and trust them to be on-point at all times. Our brands are highly regarded for their safety, efficiency, and cost and productivity advantages for good reason.

All Your FoodTech Solutions Under One Roof

Different products have different production needs. Simply having a lone portioning system just won’t cut it, so to speak. Fortunately, assembling the perfect processing line couldn’t be simpler — JBT has mastered the art and science of making this experience pleasant and less stressful.

As such, JBT offers a complete catalog of game-changing machinery and services. This is how we’re able to serve markets and applications as divergent as:

Regardless of whether you’re outfitting an entire production line or looking for a solitary machine — you’re in the ideal spot. JBT has the quality, selection, and flexibility needed to create a bespoke set-up that meets your specifications. So, you’ll be able to:

  • Conveniently source all your equipment from one supplier
  • Tailor your processing line to fit your requirements
  • Mix and match brands to get an appropriate combo of machinery
  • Easily replace or upgrade components of your existing assembly
  • Respond to changes with agility
  • More seamlessly scale your business

Upgrade kits, lubricants, and parts — as well as service, maintenance, and training — round out our offerings. Opting for the right bundle of products, services, and support can help you squeeze even more utility from your JBT equipment.

JBT, The Only FoodTech Partner You Need

With JBT on your side and covering all your food production needs —  your search for a solutions provider is finally over.

A Modern, Customer-First Approach

As a JBT customer, you have our dedicated attention. We want your business to thrive and know that the best way for us to help is by forging a long-term relationship with you. This lets us serve you better now and in the future.

Testing & Innovation Hubs

One unique benefit you get with JBT is our Research & Technology Centers. Much more than test kitchens or food labs, these are facilities where you can try out equipment, explore production line configurations, fine-tune your recipes and techniques, and access technical expertise and data. Imagine all the ways this could improve your processing line as well as your bottom line….

JBT Specialists at Your Service

JBT’s been a foodtech titan for well over a hundred years. You’re encouraged to dip into this deep well of knowledge and experience. We provide this top-tier support because the food production business is tough — and sometimes a little helping hand is all you need to be successful. So, feel free to contact the experts at JBT for assistance or advice anytime.