Additional DSI 800s Portioning Videos:

Our DSI 800 series portioning system is available with two, four, or six moving cutters as well as optional stationary cutters and our patented jet blockers, making it the industry’s highest throughput and most compact waterjet portioning system. DSI Q-LINK™ Portioning Software provides a broad and every-expanding library of portioning, trimming, and sorting options.  The multi-lane system delivers unprecedented functionality and versatility in a compact, cost effective and easy-to-use package. 

Features & Benefits

  • Reduces labor and increases yield via automated portioning and trimming
  • Provides high capacity portioning and trimming in a small production space
  • Improves UpTime® with new Quick-Pass calibration
  • Monitors performance in real time and automatically notifies operators using the JBT iOPS® System