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Our DSI J-Scan Inspection System is a stand-alone, high-performance product scanner based on industry-proven DSI Portioning Systems hardware and software.  We designed the J-Scan as an in-line product scanning system for 100% inspection applications.  It delivers value by providing corrective feedback to operators using upstream processing equipment or high-speed precision sorting of naturally occurring items.  Our standard DSI Q-LINK™ Portioning Software platform offers an easy-to-use touch screen interface.

Features & Benefits

  • The DSI J-Scan Inspection System can:
  • Set slicer blade for DSI Adaptive 3D™ Portioning System
  • Scan and sort product upstream or downstream of DSI Portioning Systems
  • Continuously adjust sort criteria to optimize parameters while:
  • Matching product mix requirements to:
  • Portioner capacity
  • Incoming product variation
  • Document product quality level and process capability at statistically significant volumes
  • Store statistical process control data and show trends


  • Modular and expandable design provides the ability to control an integrated sort system or provide control signals to existing sorters

Options & Models

  • This module is used on the:
  • DSI Adaptive Slicer™
  • DSI™ DB20 Dual Blade Portioning System
  • DSI robotic system 
  • Is integrated with a weigh scale for scan + weight application