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We have combined vertical waterjet cutting with intelligent horizontal slicing to achieve three dimensional portioning.  Value optimization software combined with three dimensional portioning allows the system to adapt to variations in incoming product size. Our DSI Adaptive 3D Portioning System is based on three key technologies:

1. Proven vertical waterjet portioning systems  2. Extensive library of proprietary portioning software 3. Intelligent horizontal blade slicing systemTogether they create an automated system that takes portioning technology to new levels of functionality and versatility.

Features & Benefits

  • Our DSI Adaptive 3D portioning system improves product yield by: 
  • Adapting to shape and size variation on incoming product to maximize yield
  • Optimally horizontally slicing the product only when necessary
  • Slicing more consistently
  • Significantly improving portioning yield
  • Generating more full-membrane pieces and eliminating partial-membrane pieces
  • Creating valuable carcass-side portions