Our READYGo Vegetable/Fruit Processing Skid integrates a series of primary processing steps including conveying, size reduction and heating operations on a single, compact stainless steel frame.

Features & Benefits

  • Continuous processing of fruit and vegetables
  • Hygienically designed to be easily cleanable
  • Capable of Clean-in-Place with appropriate CIP system
  • All stainless and food grade polymer food-contact surfaces
  • Control panel with variable frequency drives for speed control for ease of electrical installation
  • Integrated hygienic product pump to pump juice to downstream processes
  • Optionally mounted on casters for easy movement
  • Can be configured to use JBT’s FTE turbo extractor for production of viscous juices and purees for smoothies


  • JBT process skids are easily installed as all the relevant piping and electrical connections are pre-installed and pre-tested, making it ideal for product testing at any location
  • The READYGo FVP skid is ready for iOPS®. The control panel is preconfigured for access to JBT’s iOPS data system for cloud-based reporting. Please visit the iOPS web page for more information.

Options & Models

  • FVX